The preferences and business prospects have a geographical influence. Understanding this diversity would help to reach out to more specific targets. You can have database which contains details of prospective customers across the globe, but it would not be much use if you do not have specific list which would target a specific geographic area.

Geographically targeted lists would help you to channelize your communication to specific geographical area.


You can have these targeted lists on various levels:

  • State wise lists
  • Country wise lists
  • Region wise lists
  • Lists specific to industry and geographical region
  • Local lists

Each of these lists can be customized as per your specification.


Thera are multiple advantages that you can gain out of our geo-targeted lists:

  • The lists would provide you a scope to expand beyond your current local markets. One of the main reasons for not expanding is not having familiarity with contacts in other countries and regions. Through our Geo lists, you can reach out to contacts who would show interest in your business
  • Marketeers would find it more convenient to be able to reach out to contacts in other continents like Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa etc with the information that we provide on the Geo listings
  • Our industry specific geographical lists would provide you specific contacts relating to the industries that you are contacting

Our geo targeted lists are segregated as per various countries. All the top business destinations are included in our lists. Apart from country specific lists, we have lists which are segregated as per the region like – Middle East, Near East, Asia, Europe, Southern America, Ocenia, EMEA, Asia Pacfic etc

If you are looking at expanding your business across the globe, contact us so that we can understand the nature of the business and advise you on the specific countries and regions you can target and also provide you with the geographical lists specific to those.