Business organizations which base their solutions online and develop their strategies around online reach out are the order of the current times. The traditional market space has given way to online market space and the ability of organizations to leverage this space determines their success.

Having an online database helps to reach out to customers as most of them are now available online. The online users are driving the businesses and the influence among such users are helping organizations to market their products.

We provide a wide range of online data services which are ahead of the current requirements and will help your organization to gain the critical edge ahead of the competition. We ensure that the our solutions are designed such that your databases and other online assets are duly protected and utilized optimally. Our solutions are end -end , removing any burden for you to develop any inhouse technologies for better online data management.

Our online data services span a wide range of industries and business sectors. So, in case you want to target a specific business segment or an industry, we have the right online data solution for you. We are constantly trying to evolve ourselves and based on your feedback are interested to venture into industries we did not explore earlier.


Through our services we can help you with :

  • Viewing the online data and ordering for it
  • Sharing the data within less time and with high security
  • Movement of the data for optimum utilization of online resources
  • Backup and recovery services
  • Preserving the database you have
  • Providing security
  • Providing easy access to your data as well as create options for scaling up


The online data solutions provided by us includes :

  • Online GIS as well as storage solutions
  • Encore storage
  • Usage of online lists
  • EDV