Every organization requires thorough data validation and data enrichment services. A strategic yet simple approach to these services can result in a higher analytical productivity. A larger database does nothing for your business if the information contained in it is inaccurate or incorrect. IBCConnect optimizes the potency of your data base, sales and marketing efforts. This causes an increase in the “return-on-investment” for your marketing activities.


We help you with business classification, formatting, modification, deletion, correction and organization, by making use of the information collected over multiple data fields. As you hire IBCConnect for the data cleansing services, we help your database to be channeled resourcefully and devise better targeted sales and direct marketing campaigns. We also rectify irregularities in updating obsolete and old data, thereby helping organize mailing lists, performing integrity checks and creating homogenous pools to provide effective data to clients.


Many businesses have big data on their mind. Largely touted as a secret to marketing, big data provides businesses an insider look into their customer database, making them gain a full view of the customers. At the same time, many businesses are also relying on dirty data, which gives them an inaccurate view of the poor marketing decisions. Routine data cleansing can help improve the data quality and give better insights. Data cleansing is the process of cleaning out database to ensure that the highest quality of data remains. The database gets bogged down over time with unnecessary datasets – something that is outdated, incorrect and duplicated. Routine data cleansing helps you focus on the most relevant and current information.

Once a database collects outdated and inaccurate data, the original data is no longer viable. Using incorrect data in analysis, results in costlier and inefficient marketing campaign. Dirty data can sometimes cost an organization much money over the years, postponing data cleansing. Marketers can keep all the data relevant with routine scrubbing and this will significantly improve the insight accuracy.

IBCConnect offers superior data cleansing services to make sure your database is foolproof. We understand the potential of properly accurate and maintained databases. Data cleansing services provide the answer for anomalies found in databases and data. We assist you in tracking corrupted records, correcting values and replacing improper data, eliminating typographical errors and correcting values in a list of entities.

At IBCConnect, we undertake updating and correction of your data for details of those who might have shifted to another address, changed their personal information and phone numbers. This ensures that your enterprise’s communication with customers reaches perfectly each time you release a campaign. We compile a big database of contacts and customers via data verification. This reduces the instances of information being redundant – ensuring the data is not inflated so that there isn’t a possibility of continuous bombarding of communication to a contact. IBCConnect thoroughly handles data integrity audits and ensures the presence of textual information in the text field and numerical information in the numerical fields – all at the proper places provided and not elsewhere. Data verification and data cleansing services can also be applied to other information in the database as per request.

At IBCConnect, we deliver customizable services that have an alignment with your strategies and goals. The services can be scaled as per the requirements without affecting the output quality.