A database of prospective customers is one of the first steps towards building up a marketing campaign. The effectiveness of the database would be enhanced when these contacts are assessed and categorized into specific group, which can be specifically targeted. The information of these prospective customers can be categorized on various criteria like – age demographics, geographical locations, preferences, income status etc.


Making lists based on these categorizations helps businesses to be able to gain optimum utilization of the resources by targeting specific set of customers for promotion of a particular service or product which would cater to their needs. While planning on these lines does help the marketing team to plan an effective campaign, initiating this activity does involve lot of effort as well as expertise.

Listing building services offered by us help business organizations to develop targeted lists from the databases which can be used for campaigning. We have a huge database of contact information across various industries. These contacts are opt-in contacts, which means that they have agreed to receive information about various products and services. By subscribing to our services, you can gain access to the specific lists as per your requirement.


We follow a standardized process in developing lists for your, which includes:

  • Researching and understanding the specific industry you relate to
  • Analyzing our databases and identifying the contacts which would suit your requirement
  • Verifying the data and ensuring that the information is accurate as well as updated
  • Preparing the lists in the format required by you

The lists that we prepare thus are highly relevant to your specific needs. Our higher levels of accuracy in the lists would help you to reduce the wastage of resources in reaching out to the prospective clients and provide you with higher rate of returns on the investment made.