Marketing professionals play a key part in converting the potential customers into actual business. These B2B executives spend a good part of their time in this activity of business conversion and further lead generation. A list of B2B executives who are actively involved in business expansions, contracts and other professional pursuits would be useful for your own business.
Business relationships of these nature are useful to expand the business as they have the required contacts to reach out to the customers , distributors and other business stakeholders.

A good source of B2B executives contacts would help to have a positive impact on your business. We provide secure and authentic lists of B2B executives. One of the challenges of such a database is that the information can change frequently, therefore requiring regular and constant maintenance of the database. We help with the regular maintenance and regular clean-up of the database ensuring that you have the most relevant and current database of B2B executives.


Our database includes the vital information like :

  • Email Ids, fax details and contact numbers
  • SIC codes
  • Zip codes
  • Specialist roles and field of expertise
  • Job positions, roles etc


We get the required data by collecting the information through various sources

  • Seminars, Forums and other meetings
  • Government databases
  • On field research surveys
  • Email Campaigns
  • Analysis of various research, business and corporate reports

The B2B contacts such developed by us are accurate and most relevant. While we do depend on outside sources for some of the database that we collect, we ensure that the verification is done on multiple levels for confirming the accuracy of the data. Further, utmost care is taken for our own activities like field surveys and email campaigns, so that complete and accurate information is collected from the respondents. Hence you can be totally reliant on the B2B database that we provide.