The sources through which a business organization receives the data are multiple. Over a period of time, there could be instances where multiple iterations of the same record are available. This could be due to the inconsistencies in the databases which capture multiple times the same record and send it  to you or the duplicate record has entered the database at a later point of time after the original entry. Hence, after a certain period of time you are ended up with situation of duplicate, triplicate and some times more interactions of the situation, which is not a desirable place to be.

Duplicate Data Cleansing
Sprouting Seeds

This has multiple effects on the way you run the business. Firstly, it leads to the wastage of the efforts involved in using the information and sending across the communication as it is duplicated effort. Furthermore, it could impact the experience at the prospective customer as they would be receiving the same information multiple times. This would also impact the image of your organization.

Duplicate Data cleansing services offered by us helps to identify such redundant information in your database and clean it. We use various manual and automated techniques for this purpose.

We identify data that is incorrect, incomplete, not accurate and not relevant and clean the database.


The Duplicate Data cleansing activity at our end includes :

  • Identify and correct any inconsistent information in database
  • Identify and delete the duplicate records
  • Ensure that the unique records are retained and not deleted as part of cleansing process
  • Keep controls in place to detect any future data inconsistencies
Duplicate Data cleansing activity
Revision Benefits


The benefits out of these services are :

  • Reduced effort in identifying any duplicates
  • Enhances the experiences of the customers receiving the information
  • Reduces the overall costs on the resources required
  • Increases your overall productivity