Having a good database of potential buyers is important for any marketing team to pursue and increase the sales figures. The more the number of potential buyers in the database, the more real time options the business has to perform well. This information of potential buyers is picked up from the various data sources and analysing them on using different variables.

However, building up such a database involves lot of effort of time and energy. Many times, the effort involved would be much more than the actual benefit. Hence it is important to have the right process and protocols in place for data building which would help to ease up the whole process.

Data building is a process which involves – Gathering information collating the same, diversifying and segmenting the data etc. Each of these steps requires a specific protocol to be followed to ensure the right quality database is build up.

We provide exclusive data building services which helps to have a ready database for your marketing team to pursue further. We have a Master file of B2B marketing data where the database runs into millions of records. All these records are unique and relevant. We have the prior permission of all the record holders for the data to be used. The higher relevancy of the data helps to ensure that you have the maximum possibility of finding a relevant record about who is interested in your product.


We follow a unique process for Data building , which includes :

  • Researching and identifying the right sectors and industries
  • Identifying the business organizations that need your services
  • Identifying profiles relevant to you
  • Collating the information
  • Update the database with all the required details
  • Verification checks on various levels for authenticity and consistency

Data building forms the base upon which the database can be updated regularly with relevant information.