Email verification service enables you to get rid of the email addresses that are spammed or invalid. More than 40% of your company database is equipped with these types of email addresses, so you can easily evaluate how much storage space you are lacking with.

How about a partner that can validate emails for you?

This will not only save your time but also help you in gaining profits with the help of validated emails.


Why to validate emails?

Validating email addresses before storing them in your database has a number of benefits that you were unaware of. It can enhance your marketing campaign and also curtails the chances of email bounce. More deliverability of emails means you are targeting more business prospects. Higher the deliverability, higher is your brand reputation.


How our email verification process works?

Our automated and smart systems can easily verify any email account without even sending one. Our system verifies an email against a number of processes from SMTP testing to syntax checking in order to check the user’s existing inbox. No inbox means the email is spam or you can say fake. On successfully finding a list of email addresses, these are automatically terminated from your database making more free space for validates emails.

Verification of your email list maintains the hygiene of your business foundation. And IBCConnect knows how imperative it is to have an email database that results in lesser email bounce rates.


Features you get with our Email verification services:

  • Verification Reports and Statistics
  • Bulk-Email Verification
  • Email Verification in Real Time
  • Quick Turn Around
  • 24*7 Customized Support