Authenticity and quality of the data on hand is important to gain the maximum utility of the database. Non-genuine database would mean that all the effort and resources that goes into communicating the information to the contacts is being wasted. To avoid such a situation, the database needs to be verified and maintained on a regular basis.

Data Proofing
Data Server

There are many reasons why the database is not accurate or authentic. It could be the reason due to errors of omission or by intent. Few of the reasons could be – the information was updated incorrectly at the source, errors could have crept in while transferring the information from source to source, complete information is not taken into account, intentionally falsified information is provided etc. Whatever could be the reason, many a times business organizations are left with this situation of having database on hand but not having much use of it.

Verifying this information is a huge task which takes up considerable amount of resources. Our Data proofing services help to overcome this challenge by providing verification and data proofing services for the databases. We ensure that high quality verification process is in place which checks for the accuracy and authenticity of the database. We follow multiple processes to ensure that the database is verified. Our verification process includes – Email Verification, Tele verification, social verification etc.


Through this process, we check for the validity of the email on the database. Any invalid email ids are duly noted and removed from the database.

Email Verification
Tele Verification


Having the contact of the customers is a great option. However, an invalid contact number would mean a waste of the effort. Through Tele verification, we check the contact information for any inlaid numbers.


In this unique data proofing services, we check for the information on various online and social networks and authenticate the database.

Social Networks Verification