Data services

Providing Comprehensive Data Solution and Fulfilling
B2B and B2C needs by Reaching Target Audience

IBCConnect was started up with a commonly shared goal of simplifying data collection and interpretation task for various businesses. We comprehend an overwhelming situation a businessman can face while dealing with never-ending data.


We believe in depending upon contemporary approaches and therefore employ modern technologies to deliver promising data solutions, helping our clients achieve their respective business visions.

Our team works efficiently in accordance to the analytics and insights. Dedicatedly serving the B2B and B2C needs, we have grouped our gamut of services meticulously to prevent any prospective chaos.

These data solutions are pivotal enough to bring you closer to the targeted audience, helping you convert them into your devoted consumers. This would eventually enhance the customer engagement, optimize the conversion, and would increase the ROI.

Following are the significant services that would play a crucial role in flourishing your business:

Email Appending: Rebuilding Connections with Older Customers

We have thoughtfully recruited our team of professionals that help enhancing the efficiency of our customer database. This is done via sending mails to the authorized and updated email addresses of your customers in real time. We compare your postal records to our in-house assorted data for adding those email addresses that have been missed out or for replacing older ones with the latest ones.

We have also given utmost importance to create a list of users who are quick to respond to technology. This service has been meticulously designed to function as a substitute for conventional mailing methods. Email appending services can be employed as a tool for email marketing as it forwards and spreads necessary content or information about seasonal offers throughout the list of customers.

Taking your email communication to a longer extent, we efficiently update your database with latest email addresses. Providing an industrial-grade data service, we are there to assist you with opting out or opting in email append services.

Data Appending: Strengthening Business and Customer Relationship

If there are loopholes in the database software of your marketing and sales, it can create hindrance between your business and success. You can always help your sales from diminishing through our appending services that consider your contacts present in your social media accounts or e-mails. Making use of these details, we keep your customers informed about your new or ongoing events and offers.

The idea is to never lose the touch with your existing clients and keeping their faith in you intact. We have a competent team that efficiently appends your records, saving you the time for communicating with your prospective consumers.

We believe in building stronger connections between you and your consumers. For achieving this, our team would append your social media accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook to the CRM contactinformation. Smoothing your business operations, we can anytime assist you with almost all kinds of B2B record appending demands.

Email Listing: Connecting You with Target

At IBCConnect, you can get your B2B demands fulfilled. With our exclusive data quality, we help improvise your email inbox delivery rate and keep emails from spam filters. Our service includes searching, verification, and sorting the organized email address lists into 100% correct email addresses of target masses.

Our team members operate in accordance to the same quality norms as they do during email list compilation. We manage varying sources to deliver a well updated email list. Sources that we consider include telephone interviews, phone directories, and credible third-party sources.

Once extracted, these email addresses are then rigorously administered for the verification of deliverability. For checking the legitimacy, our team thoroughly goes through the various IP addresses.

Tele Verification: Documenting In-House Contacts for Authenticity

It is really crucial to know if the people you claim as your consumers are genuine or not. Carefully going through the profiles of your customers, we take several aspects into consideration. Tele verification is just one of the factors that we count while validating the genuineness of a consumer.

While delivering this service, we call each candidate on the contact number given against his/her name. During the phone call, we attempt to extract maximum information from the candidate and check if the person is approachable via the provided number or not. In this process, we finalize the authenticity of a person on the basis of his residence or business.

Email Campaigning: Reaching Target Market and Spreading Awareness

We use email as a platform to disperse personalized marketing messages for the flourishment of your business. Every email campaign is made up of messages that are drafted with an objective to deliver an influential idea to your customers. This email marketing technique persuades masses to purchase, follow, or download your products and platforms.

Our team makes sure that each email is relevant enough and has a connection to the previous mails sent. We never lose our focus on providing the prospective consumers with a “call to action” message.

Blog Marketing: Blogs Crafted with Result-Oriented Tactics

Through our blog marketing strategies, our professionals help you reach the target audience either through your own website or through various blogging platforms. Through our impactful blogs, we try to attract maximum audience that may gradually become your long-term consumers.

Running a blog is an inexpensive affair and helps creating a prominent digital appearance of your company. This would allow your brand to emerge on the surface. This marketing strategy can prove to be the most reliable solution, as it would enhance the traffic that may eventually convert into leads.

Categorically divided, these services are a result of rigorous decision-making sessions and become helpful in providing effective promotional tactics to a business. Conducting deep analysis of customer data and delivering recommendations that effectually affect your business; our team does what it does with utmost discipline.