Reaching out directly to the customers is a different proposition when compared to reaching out other business. Marketeers understand that different strategies need to be sued for B2C marketing, when compared to B2B marketing.


Few of the challenges faced in B2C marketing would be:

  • The consumers come from a diverse range. They vary geographically, demographically and in their choice of tastes and preference.
  • Consumers are overloaded with information about various products and services. It would be a challenge to stay on top of the mind of the customer. Hence a constant interaction needs to be done with the customers.
  • Unlike business contact information which is comparatively standardized, the consumer information is prone to many changes and requires regular verification and updates.

Apart from these, there could also be a challenge where most of the B2C information is not available online and needs to be digitized.

Our B2C appending services will help to overcome these challenges and develop a database where in B2C marketers can utilize the data to reach out to the consumers more effectively.


Few of the benefits you can get from our B2C appending services includes:

  • Very high match rates
  • Increase in the flow of website traffic
  • We provide quick data appending services. You can expect a response from us with the appended data within a week time.
  • Even if you do not have the email ids, you can provide us with any other information of the potential consumers like name, address, contact number etc. and we can get back to you with an appended list of contacts.
  • You can get the lists in any format which is convenient for you.
  • Customer information is bound to change. Ensure that the lists are appended on a regular basis through our services.