Hard Bounce Management

What are the few problems you face when you send email communications to the email ids on your database ?

Do they have the problems like :

  • The email Cannot be delivered to the email address
  • The user or the mail box is not found
  • The mailbox to which the email sent is not reachable.
  • The domain name is not recognized
  • Technical error messages which you cannot decipher
  • If you are getting such error messages, it would mean that the database you have is inconsistent and is full of incorrect data.

    Our Hard Bounce Management services will help to mitigate the chances of receiving bounced email messages.


There are various reasons why you need to use our services for effective email campaigning :

  • Increase the effectiveness and success rate of the email campaign by removing the email addresses which are invalid.
  • Follow a standardised process in identifying accurate and relevant email databases.
  • Monitoring of the ISP and removing of subscribers who are no more active.
  • Reduce the bounce rate of the email campaigns. This helps to reduce the instances of failure delivery of your mail boxes.
  • Save on the wastage of efforts and time in sending  communications to mail ids which result in email bounce messages.


The advantages that businesses and marketeers find from our hard Bounce services includes :

  • Reporting and analysis of the email database you have.
  • Tracking of the bounced mails and reporting on these mail ids. Removing the invalid mail ids causing the bouncing of mail ids.
  • Consistent database which has only the correct email addresses.
  • Solutions to monitor the spam filters and other filters to ensure that your email ids are delivered to the intended recipients.
  • Updating of the relevant email ids and appending the mail lists.