Event marketing refers to the promotion of a brand, service or product through -in-person- interactions. There are many types of event marketing and each form addresses to a specific goal of the marketer. An enterprise can host its own event, build better relationships with customers and prospects. A brand can attend events and introduce their product to potential clients. Live streamed workshops and webinars are as impactful as live events. Event marketing is an effective strategy, which builds long-term value upon relationships with partners and clients alike.

The core of marketing is communication. The ability to convey a message clearly at the right time is the true meaning of communication. Live events give you the opportunity to connect with stakeholders and spread the message. There is little doubt that event marketing continues to grow as the most vital marketing strategies for the big companies of this age. As the years are passing by, more and more global professional events will take place on an yearly basis. Enterprises have started to believe in the power of live events, and this trend is bound to grow in the coming years.

At IBCConnect, we have a proficient team, which provides you event marketing services. From scintillating gathering to an intimate event, we provide services as an event marketer. We ensure that you fulfill all the business requirements to your customers. Conversion of leads to prospects, creation of interest and ROI are the main goals when it comes to designing the event market offerings at IBCConnect.

At IBCConnect we provide comprehensive digital marketing services. Irrespective of whether you are launching your brand online or looking to spruce up the marketing campaign strategy of your business – either ways we are always there to help you become successful in your online marketing efforts.


We know that email marketing is not the easiest field to specialize. This becomes more difficult when your audience is into B2B crowd – a group of professionals who want their time to be justified even prior to making an appearance. The question is – how people can be coaxed into showing up! This depends a lot on the type of event you are hosting. There are several methods of cross promotion regardless of what you have in store, marketing can be a great tool to effectively promote your event.


Multimedia includes live casting, mobile marketing and podcasting. All these features can help spread a word about your event and build awareness with a lasting impact. At IBCConnect we have a specialized team of experts, who are proficiently working across the main streams of the industry.


Regardless of whether it is from a pop-up advertisement and email, the content which leads a customer to know more about your event should smoothly transition onto the landing page. Latter should be able to reflect the crux of the anticipated event. A landing page should be able to instill curiosity in the minds of people, channelizing it to bring immense publicity to your event. At IBCConnect we strive to help you in eliminating any distraction. We ensure that your landing page is designed with minimum distractions and keep the audience focused on the event.


The gap of success is widening between businesses that use social media in an informal manner and those who use it in a strategic, planned approach. Many social media platforms like Google+, You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. have proved to increase the audience reach considerably. As integration plays a vital role in communication, we know what is the right thing for your event. We have the expertise to empower you to share the content effectively through the right social networks.


The frequency of resources like blogs can speak volumes about how much a company cares about its audiences and event. At IBCConnect, we have a team that has immense expertise in writing for verticals ranging from healthcare to real estate. Our writers specialize in preparing sources like invites, case studies, whitepapers, email pitches, video-based content, press releases, blogs and content.