Cleaning your database is now easier with our Tele-verified Services.

IBCConnect delivers tele-verified data services that clean your database and transform it into absolute fresh by cleansing and scrapping off the inactive and old data records.  Our proficient experts can easily locate the data discrepancies in the existing database while fixing them immediately with a validation process. The tele-verification process is carries out by making a phone call to the data contacts in order to confirm that the data contact is accurate.

IB Connect

Company data contact becomes volatile whenever any acquisition, merger of layoff takes place. Our experts can perform manual as well as automated data cleaning for a database that works perfectly fine without any lags. The sales reps send an email or make a call to establish a contact by taking in use of the tele-verified data list. We are able to make any database into fresh one by cleansing the unwanted items in a given period of time.

Every single contact is a future prospective customer and you cannot miss the chance of converting them in your present customers. This is only possible if you have a crystal clear and tele-verified database.

At  IBCConnect  we make sure that the services delivered by us funnel down the spam list and improvise your communication with the contacts, making your company’s reputation much better. Our existing clientele have encountered boosted ROI rates with their new and advanced databases.


Why should you opt for tele-verified services?

Tele-verified services can offer tremendous benefits:

  • Cleaned database takes less space so you can add more contact details that are funneled by us.
  • Less number of spam means more prospective customers
  • Enhanced customer response to your existing business campaigns
  • Better data hygiene with tele-verification process.