If you are a technology-based company who is into developing and selling technology, you would be looking out for prospective customers who can subscribe for the technology. Information relating to the technological preference behavior of your prospective customers would help you to strategize your own strategy.


Through Tech Install Appending services, you would be able to gain information on various aspects such as:

  • What are the different technologies that the customers are preferring for?
  • What could be the upcoming technological updates which companies and individual customers are waiting for.
  • When are the next updates due of the existing software?
  • What is the technology profile of your best customers? What are their interests and inclinations?

All this information would help you to target specific customers who would ascribe for your technology. Unlike the regular marketing activity where you send across the information of about your technological services to a database, here you can actually identify the customers who would rather prefer your technology.

Information such as when are the next updates due would help to time your communication and send it to the customer when they need it. This would help to have an edge over the competition who might not have access to this information.


We cater to technological companies who are into multiple aspects of technology like – Application development, software development, hardware, Cloud computing etc. This would provide you access to information about a wide range of technological update which you can leverage upon for business growth. We have a huge database which runs into millions and contains technological lists of various organizations. This will provide you with a ready database of constant information flow for your marketing team to regularly reach out to the potential customers. Our established process would ensure that the responses are quick and you have the required lists in minimal time.