Mail campaigns are one of the most effective ways of having consumer engagement. Surveys conducted by various organizations show that nearly 20-30% of consumers have bought products due to receiving the information through direct mail communication. This is a very high success rate when compared to most of the other business campaigns. Direct mail communication has many other benefits like – the communication can be straight forward, more information can be provided, the required audience can be directly targeted etc.

One of the critical aspects about direct communication is to have relevant database. While there could be huge database to which the communication can be percolated, it is important that the information reaches the targeted audiences who would find the information useful.

Having specific lists targeting specific sets of prospective customers would be helpful.

Our Mailing list services would help you to gain access to these specific lists which would cater to your requirements.

We have categorized the lists as per various industries and specific niche which would help you to pick up a particular list that you require and send across the mail communication.

Most of the mail campaigns tend to be expensive, hence it is important that the investment being made is used to the optimum and the amount of wastage is minimal.

The benefits of subscribing to our mailing lists include:

  • More targeted approach to customers as per the requirement
  • All the contact information is verified and updated
  • Any changes to the addresses are regularly updated

In many instances, sending across an email communication might not always be feasible. Direct promotional campaigns using the mailing lists would help to ensure that the promotional information is directly communicated to the prospective customers.

We provide both B2B and B2C customer lists which the marketing team can use for targeted promotion and outreach.