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Do you think that adding contacts is the one and only method to broaden the list of buyers for your company? If you think that way, you are apparently thinking wrong!

Contact appending is simply not about filling a specific list with the buyer contacts. It is also about providing guidance to the company’s principal decision makers to work in the desired manner. Availing contact appending services for your business will not only help your company to improve its buyer’s profile, but also enhance its influence on the potential buyers.


With IBCConnect’s proficient contact appending services, you can:

  • Stay ahead of your business competitors
  • Improve the ROI and effectiveness of the marketing campaign of your company
  • Enhance consumer retention and service
  • Enhance revenues while reaching your email targets
  • Get the best results for your business
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How our process of contact appending works?

Matching the company’s master database with the current contacts is what that is required for the procedure. Similar to the process of de-duplication of data where the data is cleaned from the unnecessary and duplicate data, amalgamating the master database with the contacts of the company is the first step. Then there is a manual verification of the unmatched documents and the eventual contact appending takes place. It is a pretty simplified procedure for us and your tasks will be sorted seamlessly when you avail contact appending services from IBCConnect.

Contacts are indispensable for a company- whether it is marketing industry or any other industry. Contact building can either break your company or efficiently help in its operations. So, its essential to select the best partner. At IBCConnect, we provide impeccable contact appending services so that your business reaches the top

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it cost to append information?

    The cost of appended information depends upon the elements of data, considering their difficulty and volume of data we append to each database. Every service is priced differently concerning the amount of effort invested in collecting the information, verifying it, and maintaining consistency. To know more about our pricing, contact us at

  • How long does the appending take?

    The process of appending and deliverability depends entirely on the type and size of the database we receive. However, we ensure that we can deliver the appended database within 3-5 business days without compromising the quality of work. Once completed, we transfer your files in .xls or .csv formats easily downloadable into your CRM.

  • How is my data kept secure?

    IBCConnect provides reliable and secure data-driven marketing solutions. We are dedicated to respecting the privacy of our clients' and their customers' information. We abide by all the rules and copyright laws to protect the data we collect. Also, we refrain from collecting personal or sensitive information because this violates the principles of privacy. For more information, read our Privacy Policy.

  • What is contact appending?

    Contact appending is the process of enhancing the value of your contact database by appending it with valuable business contacts. The information includes job titles, name, contact numbers, email addresses, mailing address, line of business, sip code, website address, and more. You will get contacts from multiple decision-makers within a company.