By opting for our List brokerage services, you can make sure that you are being delivered with the top-notch qualitative business information that is coupled with in-depth market expertise. Any company can promise you to deliver data, but only IBCConnect has the proficiency you need to turn the mere data into something powerful.

As your partner and list broker, we offer bespoke services and recommendations that are tailored for satisfying your particular requirements.


A comprehensive analysis on your list plan is carried out, which is even more fruitful if your plan includes some alternate media options say: ride-along programs and statement stuffers. IBCConnect will assist you in keeping the plan apprised while making such programs available that can help in successful mailing.


IBCConnect offers personal consultation that can help in reviewing your upcoming business campaigns.


Do you know the best time to schedule the mailing?

Well we do! With our advanced study on your business organization and professional expertise, we can predict the perfect schedule for mailing. All the scheduling woes will be taken care, if you have IBCConnect as your side!

We are really glad that we can provide you with suitable recommendations that identify non-traditional, secondary and primary markets with consistent outcome. Our list brokerage is all about communication and by concentrating on your short-termed and long-termed objectives, our services can go beyond par.


Cutting edge strategies developed by our experts will assist you to remain competitive within the business ecosystem. And also we make sure to provide you with a better insight for successful marketing campaigns.