Social media has become a viable tool to reach out to potential business contacts. Whether it is for B2B marketing or B2C marketing, social media reach out is more helpful and has higher success returns. Hence businesses find it more convenient to look out for potential targets on social media.

To drive a higher success rate, it is necessary to contact the right contacts on the social media. Through our social media appending services, you would be able to identify social media profiles which would be more relevant to you.


Our appending services have multiple benefits which would help your business:

  • Get information about the social media profiles which are more relevant to your business.
  • Get appended social media lists based on their business profiles, industry, position, area of interests etc. This would help you to target specific set of people.
  • You can have access to verified social media profiles. We cross check an individual profile on various social media platforms to complete the information and provide you with authenticated and appended social media listing.
  • We can work on your current social media database and update you with an appended and updated social media database.
  • We can help develop your social media database and provide relevant information.

The appended database can be used to send across your business information and have a conversation with the potential consumers. Research shows that the direct interactions which are facilitated through social media conversations have higher chances of success.

Developing trust and relationship is an important aspect in building up the brand. The contacts which are part of the social media appended lists are authentic, you can have a regular contact with them in developing a nurturing relationship which can be duly converted into a prospective business opportunity.