The task of recognizing the right contacts of your target market requires good effort and professional skill sets. Identifying the right contacts from various sources of marketing data is not only tedious, but can also be very costly. Irrelevant, illegal contacts often lead to waste of time, loss of money and bad reputation on the part of enterprises.

IBCConnect specializes in providing strategic solutions for contact discovery requirements. We have a research team with incredible expertise; they make use of innovative research methods to locate right contacts for your business. Our team strives to provide you with right contacts, such that the information pertaining to them is up-to-date, precise and validated. With IBCConnect by your side, you don’t have to anymore rely on agencies for supplying contacts.

IB Connect

It is IBC’s commitment to providing you with the best of cost-effective B2B contact databases to strengthen your marketing campaigns, so that your sales move in the right direction. Our aim is to create sales-read-leads for your campaigns. The success of your campaign highly depends on the quality of your enterprise’s contact database. Better the chance of reaching a prospective contact at the right time, higher the productivity of your sales team.

The contact discovery services we are offering to our clients are highly cost-effective and have been designed to solve your lead generation issues.

The experts at IBCConnect create the business contact list in the purview your requirements. The list is never resold or compiled already, and is only developed when you order it


Our contact discovery process is set up in five phases, as follows:

  • Prospect analysis: we analyze data as per your specifications in regards to the target market, role definition and geographical location
  • Database accumulation: using existing database specific to your niche
  • Database screening: our team filters the data and enhances it
  • Validation via telephone: IBC’s telemarketing team validates, qualifies or disqualifies the data
  • Submission of https://www.ibc/validated data: https://www.ibc business contacts are submitted finally

Throughout the entire process of contact discovery, a dedicated manager from IBCConnect is assigned, who will make sure that the criteria specified during all phases are met on time.