Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is one of the critical marketing processes which allow any venture to stress on communicating and taking into account the essential vendors of the organization and managing them to drive revenues effectively. IBCConnect aims to bridge the gap between sales and marketing and allows them to maintain relevant communication, along with targeting accounts. We nurture and target accounts through contextual and content marketing systems. Account-based marketing techniques are entirely necessary for any venture as it is the sphere from where the significant chunk of revenues flows through. If you are one of those enterprises which are looking forward to realizing the potential of individual companies or clients, we are the right company for you to help you out.

IBCConnect has the channel to nurture your relationship with your clients for understanding what is desired and can deliver many customized solutions. Our primary objective for you is to enhance client’s value and also bring customers and sales into the same page. ABM can enhance the ROI for any clients and can create opportunities for many ventures and can help in retaining and bringing new clients too.


Undoubtedly, Account-based marketing plays a vital role in any business and allows them to make the shift as desired. The ABM can make it big for you if you aim to join us for the best of the businesses, so let’s have the contract and proceed forward.


Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally, ABM is effectively used and owned by B2B companies that sell highly specialized products and services to a particular clientele. Examples can be – medical device companies that sell its products only to plastic surgeons, a design agency with a focus on only auto ads, or a marketing company that concentrates solely on Fortune 500.

ABM aviation refers to the implementation of an account-based marketing strategy for aircraft and airlines. In ABM, organizations work together and focus on the most valued segments of the aerospace market. They identify the right target accounts, understand how these accounts work and who are the key decision-makers, design personalized content and messaging for each account, and then execute their campaigns.

ABM or account-based marketing is a B2B strategy in which the organization dedicates its sales and marketing resources to a specific set of target accounts in a market. The company designs personalized marketing campaigns to address the needs of each account. This strategy is to acquire high-value customers who cannot be served better with broad-reaching campaigns.

ABM stands for Account-based marketing and also known as key account marketing. In this approach, the organizations consider individual customer accounts as a single market and communicate them accordingly. Their primary focus is on the target accounts of a specific market rather than a broad market that reaches possibly the most extensive customer base.