Are you looking out for specific lists ?

Finding it a challenge to prepare appended lists from the databases you have ?

We have a range of list services which would provide solution for your lists woes.

Having a good database of contacts and information is key to build up a marketing campaign. However that would not be enough. Marketing teams find it a challenge to reach out to random contacts without the scope of targeting a specific audience. The effort and time which goes in direct marketing would be wasted if the people who are being reached out are not the intended or interested parties.

Having lists would help to focus the efforts and reach out to the intended contacts.

We offer comprehensive list services which are designed such that they will help you to increase your sales. Our experience speaks for itself, with a wide ranging clientele who have experienced profits in their business through our services.


You can use our listing services to :

  • Enhance the experience of the current customers by being able to develop a focussed approach towards them.
  • Develop strategies to acquire new customers.
  • Develop your brand value and presence among key stake holders as well as across the market.
  • Create opportunities to generate more revenue.


The comprehensive list solutions offered by us helps in :

  • List Management services : We develop as well as help you in maintaining the specific lists. This involves regular upkeep of the lists thereby ensuring quality.
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention: You can focus on targeting the customers specific to your products, thereby enabling to develop as well as maintaining your customer base.
  • List Brokerage: We work along with you in developing the lists as well as to enhance the same as per the changing requirements.
  • Revenue Generation : By focused approach through listing you can generate more revenues.