Industry specific listings will help to target and reach out to a specific set of intended audiences. This approach provides many benefits with savings in time, efforts and the monetary investment required in marketing activity.

If you are looking into any of the following things :

  • Want to reach out to specific industries or business segments
  • Intend to promote your product and services to only to individuals or entities belonging to specific industries
  • Want to directly reach out to key stake holders and decision makers in the industry who would be able to have a direct and influential impact on the business
  • Looking at having a higher return on the investment made

Then, you need to reach out to us and checkout the industry specific lists that are available with us.


Reaching out to targeted audiences is a more effective way of direct marketing, where you have higher chances of being heard to and to promote your business more effectively. In the age of higher competition,  the time and effort being spent on customer acquisition is accounted for and the business look at gaining the highest returns of the investments that are being made.

We have business lists across various industries which includes – Healthcare services, Information Technology, Agriculture and allied activities, Banking and financial sector, manufacturing industries, Mining, transportation Social services, Education and many other such industries.


Based on the intended use and purpose of accessing our lists, you have varied options. You can use our lists to :

  • Explore new business opportunities
  • Conduct research on various aspects to understand the market trends
  • Target prospective customers for increasing the sales
  • Develop targeted industry based campaigns using focussed specifications like demographics, job titles, specialization, SIC codes etc
  • Explore new markets and business sectors