International business provides opportunities which you would not be able find in the local business. It is also provides further scope of expansion and developing a globalised brand for your business. If you intend to pursue International business opportunities, it would be of great help if you can land up international B2B contacts who can work with you and enhance your business.

Developing a network of such international contacts, you can have influence in their local markets will help to market your goods or services in a more effective way. The main challenge for such a pursuit would be to reach out to such genuine contacts. There are many databases which claim to provide such information, but there is no guarantee on the genuineness of such claims. The international lists that we provide have multiple level verification in place as well as sources from reliable information, ensuring that the contacts you are accessing are genuine and are also in lookout for business opportunities similar to you.

We are able to provide our assistance to many business across different sectors to reach out to the international contacts and expand upon their plans of international business.


Here are few of the reasons , why you need to use our services for International lists :

  • Easier option to reach out to international stake holders, rather than trying it on your own
  • Multiple verification for highest quality of data being provided
  • Genuine and trusted local sources across various international markets for highest level of data accuracy and authenticity
  • Real time updates and maintenance of the data
  • Savings of time and effort offering you with higher rates of returns on the investments being made
  • Focussed and targeted reach out by accessing the contacts of key stake holders
  • Information updated keeping into consideration the various international factors which influence the market trends