Is Email the main means of communicating with your customers ?

Are you receiving the intended reach through emails ?

Is the percentage of failure delivery or being blocked on a rise ?

E mail communication continues to be the major means of communicating to the customers. The ease of using an email, the extant of usage, flexibility of sending varied information etc makes Email the preferred choice. However, there could high chances that the information you intend to send may not have the impact that you intended to have.


There could be multiple reasons behind this :

  • The email data updated could be incorrect.
  • The email Id would have become obsolete as people might no more be using the email id. ( New mail Id, change in organization etc ).
  • Your email ID is on the blocked list.

Hence, reviewing the email database regularly and cleaning it is important to ensure that all the efforts you are putting in to send the communication is fruitful. This activity does require proficiency in identifying the obsolete mail ids and updating with the correct ones. Through our E mail Data Management services, we would be able to assist you in making your email database current and relevant.


Through our services, we assist you to :

  • Increase the success rate of your email deliveries.
  • Reduce the overall costs involved.
  • Connect back with the earlier customers
  • Enhance the customer retention.


There are a wide range of services that we provide as part of our Email Data management services. These Include :

  • E Mail Appending services
  • Identify the users who have blocked you and help in unlocking the email ids.
  • Identifying the obsolete email ids and updating them with the new email IDs. This helps to reconnect back to the customer.
  • Identify incorrect email Ids and correct them.