IBCConnect appreciates that no-one knows your business better than yourself so we never try to sermonize you with the business management protocols. What we do is help shape the comprehensive understanding of the challenges our clients face, advice and assist them with our tailor-made solutions.

U.S-based, International Business Connect (IBC) has developed itself as one of the pioneering groups of companies. Being renowned for our comprehensive marketing data services, we religiously cater to the Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumers (B2C) needs. Our approach sticks to the fact that a business reaches its peak if focus is on the right audience. This idea has always compelled us to provide our clients with the most reliable and exceptional business data.

Customer excellence tops our priority list and makes us think in terms of the client’s visions and budgets.

Being the most practiced marketing technique; Email Appending operates by considering familiar customer data (including first name, last name, and postal address) then coordinating it with a credible database. Following this procedure, we find our customers via their email addresses. On our customers’ behalf, we e-mail significant information about their business and upcoming offers to their former or latest clientele.

As we understand the significance of sending alerts to your potential buyers, we dedicatedly work towards emailing them about varied events and offers. We conduct email campaigning by spreading words throughout the list of subscribers. Campaigning is made effective either by sending invitations for company’s events and joining social media page, or by sending alerts about seasonal offers. The purpose of email campaigns is to maintain customer constancy, brand’s reputation, and excellent sales.

Nowadays, making buyers through reputed blogging platforms has become one of most followed business marketing tactics. Blogging becomes a means to attract new customers and keep the presence of existing ones intact. IBCConnect helps its clients reach their target audience by crafting content that engages masses and makes way for brand visibility.

Data Appending

Acquaintance with Customers Made Easier Bearing the forthcoming business demands in mind, we serve our customers with data appending solutions that enlighten them with consumer’s ethos.

Email Listing

We fulfill certain B2B demands irrespective of the industry type. Our delivery for precisely crafted email list that becomes functional enough for you to reach your target market.


We verify the authenticity of your listed contacts by reaching them via their telephone numbers. During the process, we conduct residence and business tele-verification.

Our Team

Consultants You Can Always Rely On

The management team has over 25 years of experience helping clients with world-class data solutions across all industries. The team comprises over 600 data researchers, marketers, world-class sales professionals, CX executives. The focus of the whole team revolves around data solutions, database management, and Data-Driven Marketing.

Our team focusses on helping our clients grow via new business generation.

Why Prefer Us Out of All?

You must have dealt with various hot-shot consulting agencies that claim to offer seamless services at a smart package but turned out be mere big mouths. The consultants at IBCConnect show what they state by exceeding your expectations.

With our personalized approach of doing things, we prove our competence in the marketplace.

Our team employs all its efforts in filtering the database and finding the best for our clients by transforming their potential buyers into dedicated consumers. From data collection to validation, we perform in terms of your budget and primary needs. Going beyond the typical, IBCConnect functions holistically, keeping in mind the contemporary business demands.

Our Clients