“Running an automotive business is not everyone’s cup of tea. Let us alter the difficulties for you with our advanced data solutions”.

Whether you are an automobile manufacturer, dealer or parts distributor you need to ensure that you have strong web presence, you are able to determine customer’s behavior and you are well aware of all the industrial trends.

Automotive Mechnic
Automotive Expert

It may seem easier but is real challenging and tough. Nowadays more and more businesses are generating great impact on people; you have to make sure that your business prospects are not running towards other business contraries.

You need someone reliable who is specialist in automotive industry and is capable of leveraging best-in-class services. And for that you can simply rely on us!

We have a team of experts who belongs to automotive business vertical. Our proficient teams are able to deploy and manage strategies for delivering fruitful business outcomes to you.


There are a number of reasons that will surely convince you towards our services, out of which loyalty and true partnership stands at the first place.

  • We help you to cover a large audience that can benefit you and your business. Our experts help you in selecting the type of target audience based on factors like geographical locations, age, income, preferences and much more.
Growth Graph
  • We believe in following specific protocols that help us in delivering real time analytics and feedbacks. Regular and timely reports are submitted to you that indicate the growth graph before and after taking our services.

Undeniably you need multiple approaches to ensure business success and we fuel your organization with various approaches. Along with this, our services have the capability to leverage your sales target while retaining a sturdy grip on the market.


Undoubtedly the companies engaged in biotechnology and life sciences have a huge scope of business, but there’s a twist!

Despite of the huge business scope there is extreme volatility that makes survival in this industry vertical harsh. It has become imperative for healthcare professionals to develop a relation with their patients to treat them in the best possible way.

Biotech reserch

The main reason why most healthcare firms are lacking behind is the management of data. The biotechnology industry is all about data and the way it is driven effectively.

We have a bunch of field-proven and tested strategies that can benefit life science companies from the early stages to clinical trials and product launches into the market.

Our services incorporate a huge variety of marketing and lead generation that are backed up with properly settled database.

We have a robust network of business partners in different countries that combine with our methodologies to impact your business development in a positive way.


  • Effective management of database
  • Bespoke solutions every time you need them
  • Linking your business with a significant online database
  • Regular updates and fresh database
Research Team


We work in a different manner to deliver you with customized and sure-shot solutions. We make sure to scrutinize a huge data pool for finding the grossing business trends, the evolving marketing patens in order to create a database that is properly funneled and ready to deploy.

Our proficient teams works with you in-house to maintain data that is hygienic for your business. We also improve that flow of data, as we generate the information through various channels of business prospects and clients.

We are always available to resolve your concerns. Get in touch with us for any service related enquiries, our team will revert you with positive response shortly.


Nowadays educational institutes like universities, colleges, and public schools are dealing with enormous data growth. They are forced to pay huge rates for data management as they are left with no other option.

Education Institution
Online Learning

This explosion of data is the resultant of educational portals, online learning and testing applications, BYOD initiatives, video based content and other grossing trends that are followed by the education industry.

Sharing of data has become unavoidable as faculties, students, alumni; parents are totally dependent on this data.

That’s the major reason why we stepped into the Education Industry with a fleet of our qualitative services.


Data is growing on a rapid pace, but unfortunately the budgets for storage are not. We have made sure that the services we deliver are affordable and accessible for any shape and size of educational institute.

Our teams manage your data effectively, while providing your staff with all the necessary resources to access data in uninterrupted ways.

We also make sure to expand your reach to huge audience, so that you can take out the best from your marketing campaigns. Along with this, “IBCConnect” keeps a complete track record of data that is already processed and is about to process.



Eliminated Downtime:

Data needs to be accessible and available all the time. If you serve in distance education, then it’s important for your organization to make data available without hassles. And that’s what we take care of, we make the data available to students and faculty day and night.

Reduced Costs:

We can adapt our services according to the tight budgets. So you get full-fledged services in an economical price range.

Get updates about latest trends:

Education industry is all about following new trends and implementing them. If you take our services you’ll enjoy the knowledge and implementation of grossing trends.



The energy industry is going through really tougher times. The fluctuating need of electricity results in more production and lesser profits. It has become an utmost necessity for companies to study the markets before up-scaling their productions.

This thorough market research helps in a better overview of how much demand needs to be satisfied, so that your company can manage the production according to the results.

By managing the production you can avoid extra costs and investing your time and business fortune in the products/services that are in high demand.

Our services can benefit you in the following ways:

  • With our market research, you will be able to identify the audience who are looking for your services and can be your potential clients.
  • We help you from the burden of over advertising, by planning effective advertising campaigns
  • You can easily get a detailed know-how of energy resource requirements.


Most companies have intensively researched the consumer market; still they are unable to locate the gaps in the business ecosystem. “IBCConnect” has a dedicated team that is focused on market research for the better understanding of potential and existing buyers.

  • Our teams provide refined and regulated that that is much more beneficial than unprocessed data.
  • Business leads provided by us are 100% authentic and have a huge scope of becoming your customers.
  • We provide you with a detailed quotation of the market prices of the services you render for a better overview.

Furthermore, we also help you with the information of contacts you have previously contacted for selling your services. Our experts make the sales approach much appealing, so it becomes quite easier to achieve desired sales target.



“We help you to make out most from organizational data for a better investment”.

The past few years were really challenging for the financial and banking industry. Higher customer expectations along with increased regulatory terms have possessed strict challenges to these organizations. In order to maintain their performance companies have to deploy exorbitant methodologies to detect any risks and possibilities of frauds.

This creates a need for the better partner who can help financial and banking institutions to meet customer satisfaction while complying with the regulatory norms. These business organizations have to collect tons of data through consumer transactions, market feeds, and account records.

The data and information collected is usually unstructured and by structuring this data companies can get a cutting edge over their business contraries.



Better risk management:

With the help of our data driven platforms, we assist financial companies in managing risk through extreme situations. Through data, organizations can easily map their financial performance, satisfy the requirements related to risk development, and can access real-time financial reports.

Fraud Detection:

Detecting a fraud is one of the major challenges faced by financial industry. Our data services are a whole new face of security and cost effectiveness. We can help you in detecting, mitigating, avoiding, and predicting all kind of threats and frauds that are harmful for your business processes.

Bespoke solutions:

The services we render are totally customizable. Companies are able to create newer marketing campaigns that have better insights for more fruitful outcomes.

IBCConnect knows the pulse of banking and financial sector. We are delivering qualitative services to a huge clientele, along with our state-of-the-art 24*7 customer support. We make sure that you remain on the cutting edge, while expanding your business outreach to more business prospects.



The digitalization and technological breakthroughs is capable of adding tremendous value to treatment provisions. And it is not only limited to that but also it impacts financial, clinical and holistic processes that are imperative for the whole healthcare industry.

Some key functions like hospital information system, patient management, mobility solutions, electronically operated medical records are opening a newer way to innovation for the healthcare organizations.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are encountering complex challenges as they are forced to enhance the productivity while reducing the structural expenses of their services.

Most of these organizations think that they are running swiftly and there’s no difficulty, but they are lacking in detailed insight. Healthcare industry has a loose grip on marketing campaigns and as a result they spend more on marketing and get less.

But “IBCConnect” has the capability to make things go right and in your favor. We can generate multiple marketing opportunities that are focused on the data solutions.



We expand your outreach:

Every healthcare company looks for various ways to contact pharmacies and dealers that are far away from their location. Contacting them is usually expensive as a significant team is sent to for the survey. But this is not a case with us.

We have multiple modes to take your business on newer heights, and by establishing a successful contact from the distant dealers.

Get more business with more prospects:

Getting genuine leads in the healthcare segment is the toughest task ever! There are multiple companies who are striving overnight to procure as much customers as possible. So it becomes an absolute need to get more customers without spending much.

IBCConnect has made it possible for its clients to acquire new prospects with no hassle. Our data driven solutions are generated after an in-depth scrutiny in order to beneficiate your business.



“IBCConnect helps IT companies to stand out with its proven data solutions and services”.

Nowadays information has become an imperative requirement for everyone. It is needed to deliver it on time, at the right place and possibly in the right kind of format. Most IT companies are only focusing on managing their businesses to cope up with the rapid pace.

However, these companies are not able to determine emerging customer needs and it makes a real difference. IT organizations need someone who has exceptionally high skills to couple technology and data analytics.

And we believe in doing so!

IBCConnect assist companies in an informed way by enhancing the ROI rates and by connecting the right people with an organization at the right time.


Our effective marketing campaigns are a result of thorough marketing research. We have developed a suitable environment that assists IT enterprises to battle the challenges, while delivering new approaches for business expansion.

Our advance solutions for Information Technology include:

Transformed IT system:

We help you in managing your IT systems like never before. IBCConnect guarantees utmost flexibility, dynamicity and quick responses with our latest and proven technologies.

We have a global reach:

You can rely on us for the secure handling of data. We are capable of transferring data in a seamless manner throughout multiple geographies.

Continuous Administration:

We are inclined towards a continuous administration in order to pinpoint any complexity before it expands. IT sectors are most prone of getting major complexities and it takes real efforts to administer the data all the time.

Along with this we are available round the go in case you need us. Our expert teams are ready to deploy their active responses once you reach them with any query related to our services.



“Realize the full potential of your business with the help of advanced data solutions and services from IBCConnect”.

The speed at which goods move is ever-evolving and increasing. A purchase made one day is delivered the other day, thanks to the latest technologies! But the rapid pace of logistic industry is not because of multiple transportation modes. It’s only possible due to the data strategies that are significantly designed for logistics and distribution.

Unfortunately, the prices in this industry are rising every day, which is creating difficulties for companies to survive.

Every wondered that you can increase your profit share, without even increasing the prices of your services?

Yes it is possible if you target the right audience with the right set of marketing campaigns. You need someone who has deep knowledge about your industry and can take you out from the large pothole of neck-to neck competition.



The benefits of this service are not limited to a few, but it can deliver you with immense benefits in the long run.

  • You can prepare your business to cater different types of business prospects, who have distinct needs.
  • Get a better detail about the clients that can purchase your services in the coming time
  • Know about the some cost effective business solutions that can help you in saving a decent amount.


Teams at IBCConnect have a collection of immense business contacts that are actually looking for your services. The processes conducted by us are both automatic and manual that have sure-shot results and positive outcomes.

Along with this we have maintained a cost competitiveness, which allows you to get amused with best-in-class services by paying a price that is fair enough.



Manufacturing plays a vital role in regulating world’s economy. With time it has become one of the complex industries that server a variety of customer needs. These industries have receiving a giant amount of data that is unstructured.

And this unstructured nature gives birth to various challenges that are hard to tackle. That’s the reason why manufacturing companies are convinced to increase their efficiency and productivity. Our data solutions and services assist manufacturers in improving their processes, while going deeper into the supply chains.


Better Decisions:

We help companies in revealing better insights to ensure that the decisions taken are right and can benefit the company.

Pricing Strategies:

With the help of our data models, enterprises can determine prices from external and internal sources. This further assists the companies to increase their profit share. Manufacturers can also generate accurate pricing strategies that will be useful in the long run of business success.


Assured Quality:

Detecting the flaws and errors in the manufacturing process is also an easy job. Our data analytics and real-time warning system helps you to attain quality assurance.

Enabling Product Customization:

With the help of enabled product customization you can focus on more sales and lesser expenses. XYZ helps your company in attaining mass production levels by keeping a comprehensive control on overall process.


We take your reach on world-wide levels and generate more business for you. IBCConnect follows a tactical approach to fill the insufficient gaps.  Our advanced software and business solutions also connects you with the customers, while determining the ways to fulfill their requirements.

IBCConnect has empowered multiple companies with its dedicated services. We design and develop bespoke manufacturing solutions for every business with a distinct and fool-proof strategy.



“Digitalization has is rapidly evolving the way media and marketing are consumed”.

The tremendous growth in marketing and digital advertising has produced various options to optimize marketing campaigns. It’s not doubtful that some agencies have the best minds, still many agencies companies have to struggle a lot to maintain their presence.

If you are facing the same difficulties, then don’t look any further! We have the right kind of know-how to make things go easier for you. Our complete range of data specific services is designed in a manner to keep your marketing effective and up-to-date.


  • The first and foremost advantage of data services for marketing is the enhancement in productivity if marketing.
  • Your company gets the best out of marketing strategies without even increasing the overall expenses.
  • More business contacts that are 100% genuine and authentic for business expansion
  • We make sure that there is no lag or delay in the whole process. A single delay is more than enough to cost you huge money and loss of business.


IBCConnect is seasoned with the right kind of expertise you are looking for. Our teams are trained significantly to manage the data and funnel it to terminate additional overhead costs. We run several dual verification processes that assure that unstructured data is processed and there is no possible inconsistency.

We take the pride of being an all-in-one-solution for your all sorts marketing related issues. Along with this your enterprise will get a closer look at the customer insight that is better for taking the business to newer heights.


“Our proven services have a track record of helping non-profit organizations to segment, store and utilize their data for good causes”.

The missions of non-profit organizations are crystal clear; all they do is benefit people with the services they render. Typically, nonprofits gave a low of field work to do, and that field work results in tons of unstructured data.

Non profit
Non profit

Unfortunately, these organizations do not have enough time to regulate this data in a structured form. This in return creates barriers and the nonprofits are not able to expand at fuller extent.

It’s imperative that the collected data is filtered and organized properly, so as to make sure that all the donors have a unique list while all the volunteers have a significant list.

With the help of managed data a non-profit organization can make sure that they are getting the right donations and contributions.


Data Management:

Our services include comprehensive data management from its validation to cleaning and storing.

Execution of giant campaigns:

Services provided by IBCConnect can assist you in running great campaigns, while taking a complete control over them. These campaigns are capable of delivering the right results while we keep an eye the perfect coordination.

Non profit
Non profit

Engage with more audience:

Getting more people attached to your nonprofit organization is always beneficial. You can get in touch with various genuine donors and volunteers who are ready to assist you in the god cause.

Increased ROI:

Boosted traffic on the website and more participation in your campaigns means increased ROI. Also good ROI leverages a major impact on your upcoming campaigns.

WHY IBCConnect?

IBCConnect believes in benefitting those who are working for others. We are all time ready to assist you with qualitative services in order to benefit your nonprofit organization in all possible ways.

We have availability of fresh contacts that can participate in the campaigns by forming a strong bind with your company. Along with this, we send quick responses and notify you about all insights without wasting a second.

Non profit
OIL and GAS`


With increasing demands in production, exploration and transportation, the gas and oil is faced with multiple challenges. However in order to succeed like a champion, companies need to determine customer requirements for business expansion and profit generation.

Oil and gas alone contributes to a tremendous industry and support other industries in proper functioning. This opens the doors for immense opportunities and at the same time there are compex difficulties that need a resolution at the earliest.

IBCConnect has found its feet in the oil and gas industry and we have the required intelligence and dedication to support any business. With our in-depth knowledge and collected data you can get a clear view oy the customer expectations.



  • Running bespoke and specialized marketing campaigns that can surely deliver you with multiple business leads.
  • We can help you in funneling down the existing data in order to terminate the portion that is not needed for freed up space.
  • Gain a better insight of the industries and look what other business contraries are doing.


IBCConnect can offer a plethora of advantages that can benefit your business organization in multiple ways.  We assist you in the exploration of new markets where more business prospects are looking for your products and services.


Oil and gas prices are fluctuating daily and we have designed a robust structure to manage the data in order to predict the prices of tomorrow.

Are you looking forward to market your services and products to the business executives? We can help you in that!

We have found out the best ways to climb the ladders of success. Get in touch with us for a detailed enquiry on how we can benefit your business organization.


The vast digitalization is the major factor that has impacted the whole Publishing Industry. The new electronic means are much faster than the traditional white paper and this is something that makes a difference.

Publishing Industry
Publishing Industry

Reaching out to public is the main thing a publisher should focus upon. But reaching the audience on time and being their first choice is a real challenge. The way publishing companies tend to work is completely changed and some companies are finding it hard to adapt in this competitive environment.

The markets are disruptive and loaded with opportunities but you need the right insight to identify these opportunities while making them beneficial for your business.


Publishing organizations need to identify the market and customer requirements in order to survive. They have to look for new modes of reaching their clients and managing data perfectly. Every client of yours is looking to receive online information. So it becomes imperative to generate more information in online form.

Publishing Industry
Publishing Industry

Your company should be able to regulate combined information like magazines, news, with various searching tools and sharing options. That is only possible if data is organized in an effective manner.

Nowadays about 70% of the business professionals chose online information medium, as they believe it’s the best way to stay updated with the business world.


We take the pride of being the prominent choice of our clients when it comes to data organization. IBCConnect is capable of handling data the way you like us to do. We have customized solutions for every business type, so no matter what services you deliver we can manage your data and make sure that it is up-to-date.

IBCConnect can manage your data, verify its authenticity, prevent it from any thefts and helps you in licensing process. Overall you get a complete package of services when you have IBCConnect by your side.

Publishing Industry
Real Estate


“We help you transform the future of Real-Estate Data”.

The real estate market is on the verge of disruption, due to increasing demand of efficiency companies are unable to meet. It’s not doubtful that there are enormous opportunities but getting them on your side needs a lot of efforts and money.

Your idea to succeed in the market is totally pointless unless you know how to clean and manage data properly. It’s all about data when it comes to real estate market, the fluctuations in prices, availabilities of more clients, newer locations and much more. If you have someone who can manage and organize data for you then it will act as a staircase towards brighter success.

That’s all about IBCConnect!

We have mastered the techniques of data solutions for real estate industries. Our teams are always curious to deliver you with the best and take your business to further heights.

Real Estate
Real Estate


Surveying the markets and getting the right kind of people like architects, masonry and clients is a challenging task. Your company needs to make a survey team and that costs time and money.

What if you get everything on your table in an organized way? More clients? Best Architects?  Our services are not only limited to this.

We know how to regulate data and take out the best from it. IBCConnect assists you in cost cutting by introducing a plethora of advanced techniques with assure promising credibility.


When you opt for our services, it becomes a partnership. We are not a onetime service provider; we work closely with you at every phase so as to make things easier for you.

IBCConnect maintains the data, cleanses it and updates it regularly in order to help you sustain the competitive environment of real estate industry.

Real Estate


It’s not news that today’s retail industry is undergoing a huge transformation. Dipping margins, smarter customers, unmanaged inventories are ruining the current situation of retail sector. Every one of us is aware that this particular industry spends millions and billions on the advertisement itself.

Most companies advertise a lot but they fail to generate the expected revenue. The major reason behind this is the wrong selection of customers. If your company is targeting the wrong audience you will not make any profit. Instead your organization is burning a hole in the pocket, and it’s the time to stop!

Every retail company should have detailed insights about the right vendors, partners, and customers to make sure that they will enjoy the expected profit and nothing lesser than that. Today everything is automated and for automation your company needs data that is processed and ready to use.



Having a developed partnership with IBCConnect will benefit your company in multiple ways. We are well aware of the know-how to get your existing contracts renewed, which adds profit to your business without spending a single penny.

IBCConnect knows how to crack the best deals and manage your services/products efficiently. We keep an eagle eye on everything from logistics to distribution and with our processed data we make it quick and efficient


We believe in delivering you the best from marketing strategies to software solutions our teams are equipped with everything. By taking our services you will be able to manage customer relations seamlessly.

Also the data generated and processed by us contains the complete information of how your business is behaving after opting for our services. We have exclusive contacts with high profile business professionals that can surely add value to your company and help in generating more business.

Telecommunication Industry


The telecommunication industry has now completely switched to digital technology for processing, transmitting, switching and retrieving information. This in return generates tons of data that is to be processed and organized daily.

Telecom sector has a rapid working pace; a single delay can impact the company and result in huge losses. Despite this the falling prices of services are creating a gap and it has become tougher to retain existing customers. But these losses can be prevented if data is managed with effective data solutions. Organized data delivers a better overview and assures you that the data is hygienic and verified.


IBCConnect is already working with telecom giants and is managing their data effectively. We have delivered data solutions that are cost effective and have proven benefits for the organization. You will notice the difference tight after taking the service, as we terminate all the flaws that are creating obstacle.

We choose seasoned data solutions that require less investment and more benefits. So the overall cost of taking our services becomes low and your telecom company starts generating more profit.

Telecommunication Industry
Telecommunication Industry


We have a customized solution for every requirement. Teams at IBCConnect have a habit of delivering data solutions in a timely manner and deploying them in order to get the greater efficiency. We make sure that your goals are met and you are getting much more advantages than expected.

IBCConnect helps you in getting new business prospects while keeping the data records up-to-date. Along with this customer insight is other feather that we add to your hat. With the help of better customer insight you can identify their potential. Thus you get expanded reach and new markets targeted, by taking our data services for Telecommunication Industry.


“Get the best data solutions for Travel Industry with IBCConnect”.

The tourism, hospitality and travel industry adapts technologies like none other. Some countries and places depend entirely on travel and tourism for their profit making. Unfortunately, every company is trying its luck in the market which has created a wave of completion.

Travel Industry
Travel Industry

Some travel companies are offering huge offers and discounts that it has become almost impossible to survive in the market. But there is a solution to every problem, and we know how to make things good for your business again.

Travel means a lot of data, and with data you can accomplish all the major advantages. Competing with the giant ventures that have a huge clientele is tough, but what about developing unique strategies that make customers attracted towards you?

No matter what travel tour service you offer, you need to make sure that you are above all and not losing your business investments.


One sure-shot thing that never fails to work is pitching the right deal at the right time. And for that you need customer insight, which we promise to deliver. With our advanced customer insight you can generate more bookings by channelizing your services to huge audience.

IBCConnect helps you in maintaining an image as the best travel partner, so more clients get inclined towards your services. You also get the option to utilize automated route tracking functionality that helps you in better projection of new destination spots.

Travel Industry
Travel Industry


Travelling industry is all based on more business prospects and getting genuine leads can help a lot. We make sure that you are getting enough business leads to manage your business effectively. All the leads provided by us are tested on automated and manual scales to ensure that you bag greater revenue.

IBCConnect helps you in contacting hundreds of travel agencies, gaming zones, airlines, hotel chains in order to offer complete packages at competitive prices. With our massive knowledge and cleaned database you will get what was promised.

Along with this you will get “round the go” customer support in case you have any query related to our services.