Direct Marketing involves reaching out directly to the target audience. The idea is that since they are the individuals who would be converting into potential customers, communicating with them directly about the product or the services will help to gain their acceptance.

However this strategy of direct marketing is hugely reliant on the quality of the database that you have. There could be instances where in spite of your continued efforts in reaching out to the direct customers, you are unable to see a positive turnaround in your business. Having such a database which does not help you out in growing the business as it is obsolete and is of not much use.

Instead, you can look at targeting key stake holders and influencers who have a say in the business decision making process. However, to be able to connect with such niche set of professionals is a tough task as such information is secure and is not easily available. But on the other hand , accessing such information will provide higher returns on the investment of time and effort.

We provide you with exclusive lists of such professionals across various industries. You can use the information from these lists to reach out to the professionals who are key stake holders and can help you to develop your business.


Our data lists of such professionals are authentic and relevant. Here are few reasons why you should be opting for our business lists :

  • The lists cover more than 50 industrial and business segments
  • We have segregated and segmented lists as per the various professions, thereby helping you with savings of time, effort and costs
  • Using our specialized lists you would be able to focus on targeting specific audiences
  • The lists are prepared with great care and professional integrity which ensures accuracy of data
  • Multiple levels of verification process for authenticity of information.