Data Audit

The accuracy and relevance of the database is a key factor which influences the success of your database. Before you strategize on your next marketing plan, you need to be sure about the database you are having. Getting a Database done will help you to remove the irrelevant data and have confidence on the database that you have.

Getting a database audit is the more optimal option both from accuracy perspective as well as cost perspective. It would help you to do away with the inconsistent database you have currently as well as prove to be more cost effective than buying a new database.

Having a database will help you to gain the maximum returns on the investment you are making as it helps to identify and remove any of the wastage your database would be having.

We provide database auditing services which enable to make your database more effective. We audit the database you have submitted and provide you with a conclusive report which will be a true reflection of the health of your database.


Our report includes :

  • Overall summary of your database
  • The exact numbers relating to your database including – the overall data count, overview of the segregated data etc
  • Verification and comparison of the address data that you have with the real time address data. This helps to identify any inconsistencies in the database and create a scope to correct them
  • The data list appending options you have with the existing database.
  • Clear information including the percentages for you to get a quick overview of the overall health of your database
  • Key metrics
  • Suggestions on how to improve your database and make it more reliant

You can use the audit report as a reference point to make the necessary changes and use the database accordingly for your marketing campaigns