The field of  healthcare data is continuously changing and is in the midst of a revolution. In order to take business operations in the clinical care to another level, healthcare data analytics can be of great help. For the advancement of healthcare system, different techniques can be taken into consideration. The upside is that this makes the entire system patient-centric, wastage-free and errors-free with enhanced rates of quality. Healthcare data analytics increases the availability of data analytics healthcare information. This becomes advantageous for different healthcare purposes and data analytics.

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The main goal of contemporary healthcare systems is to provide optimal health care via the use of health information technology in pursuit of:

  • Improving healthcare, so that the outcomes are in sync with the current professional knowledge
  • Reducing costs of healthcare; reducing avertable overuse
  • Providing support for better payment structures

Public health care systems insurers are transforming the fee-for-service compensation to value-based data-driven incentives, which reward cost-effective patient care, with the meaningful use of electronic health records. Such an approach requires vital improvements in claims processing, process automation and data management. Focusing on value-based care corresponds with an emphasis on patient-centric care.

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The current scenario of crucial, long-standing practices is beginning to change, paving the way for a robust transformation in digital healthcare. Also known as the industrial internet, ‘healthcare internet of things’ refer to the increasing number of interconnected sensors and devices – that will generate tidal volumes of data. A variety of devices monitor every kind of patient behaviour – from electrocardiograms and blood pressure to fetal monitors and glucose monitors. Smarter monitoring devices help in communicating with other patient devices, lessening the needs for direct physician patient communication and intervention. AT IBCConnect we offer low-cost healthcare data, which will improve patient care limitlessly

Case of Fraudulence, Abuse and Wastage

A key contributor to spiralling costs in healthcare sector is the cost abuse, fraud and waste. The good news is that the use of big data analytics can be a game changer for healthcare fraud. The platform of data analytics can help identify improper claims in a repeatable and systematic way.

Initiatives such as increasing adoption of electronic health records and the detail of patient information are growing rapidly. Being able to analyze and combine a variety of unstructured data aids in the accuracy of diagnosing patient conditions.

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Today’s healthcare milieu is noteworthy in the way that a clear majority of the data generated is 75% or more of the data, which is unstructured data. Such data emerge from rapidly growing number of digital sensors and devices, doctors and nurses notes, emails and third party sources.

Handling health data is an essential component of the IBCConnect platform for health. In order to support this cause, the IBCConnect Platform provides a robust set of services that curate, capture and store health data from various sources. Our data acquisition services provide data pipelines for data transformation, standardization, and other processes. The data curation services help ensure that each data element gets mapped to a single set of codes. IBCConnect provides interoperability and data integration between services and customer applications.