Management of leads is an important process for any business as it allows to connect two important departments of any venture i.e. marketing and sales. Marketing department generates the leads for the sales team which has the capability of converting them into sales.

At IBCConnect, we keep your leads engaged and try to maintain the best ROI so that you receive quality leads. We help marketers in making their lead management system effective and easy. Our marketing platform is specially designed for performing every activity from database management to the distribution of leads. IBCConnect lead management services help in measuring and tracking the various marketing campaigns and make efforts to maximize the ROI on every lead being generated through research.

Lead Generation
Lead Generation Services

Most of the organizations spend a huge chunk of their budget in generating leads, but still many of these leads get unnoticed, and this forms a vicious circle for spending again on the same set of leads. Our marketing process has helped many organizations to improve and organize their data and maintain a good ROI, understands the buyer’s perspective and gets the right salespeople onboard. A lead generation is an advanced tool which serves the salesperson with close-the-loop sales and also let the managers knows who is working on them and closing maximum sales.


We can help you in the management of your enterprise with our efficient lead management system that will help you with the below benefits:

Lead capture and Generation: Scrub, quality and consolidate leads are gathered from many sources and are applied to sophisticated analytics for scoring on every lead.

Optimize the lead allocation process: Application of flexible rules for business will automate the routing of leads. The leads generated can seamlessly be routed to the call centers, sales force systems, and other channels.

 Lead nurturing: Receiving the visibility for lead status and quality feedback.

At IBCConnect, our team of engineers and consultants can help your enterprise for creating a comprehensive solution for lead qualification, lead nurturing and lead generation.

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