• April 02, 2021
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Refinement

A Guide to Getting and Sorting the Customer Database Services

Email marketing has become an important aspect of marketing for all companies. But the challenge which the companies face is that how they can generate lists which are full of organic reach and can truly bring them, customers. Businesses need to employ a marketing mix of various digital strategies, through various platforms such as social media platforms or blogs with constant updates on blogs, websites, accounts, etc. Marketing professionals perform a key role in transforming potential customers into an actual business. These B2B executives invest a good part of their time in the activity of business conversion and further lead generation. An organic and eligible list of B2B executives who are actively involved in business expansions, contracts, and other professional pursuits would be very crucial for your own business.

Here are a few ways, you can find and collect authentic, eligible and organic B2B email address. 

Quora Answers: Most of the B2B marketers use Quora to propose the brand name and generate leads. Quora has unanswered questions which are related to the field, so companies find them out answer them professionally. Many viewers see the answers which eventually helps the business in generating potential leads.

Social media: – The groups of same interest and field in social media help in finding the potential leads.

Email databases marketing services: Various companies in the market have enormous databases of email addresses and B2B contact details such as IBCConnect, their database include vital information like :

  • Email Ids, fax details, and contact numbers
  • SIC codes
  • Zipcodes
  • Specialist roles and field of expertise
  • Job positions, roles, etc

and the required data by collecting the information through various sources

  • Seminars, Forums, and other meetings
  • Government databases
  • On-field research surveys
  • Email Campaigns
  • Analysis of various research, business, and corporate reports.

Further, they take utmost care activities like field surveys and email campaigns, so that complete and accurate information is collected from the respondents. So, you can rely on the B2B database that the company provides

While a large database is crucial for the sake of acquisition of new customers, it also comes with a lot of raw data which consists of irrelevant, ineffective and not-actionable. Hence, Data refinement is the transformation of raw; data; into relevant, effective and actionable information.

But, Reviewing information on the databases and developing relevant data lists is a tedious activity.

It is a tiresome task for any business to go through all the databases, understand the information, recognize the information that is required, and improve the database which is easier to follow to generate a powerful customer

At IBCConnect we provide you with these services too, Our data refinement services help to refine the databases so that relevant information is readily available. Our services help to preserve the time and work required in going through the database, hunting for the important information and picking up the needed data lists.