• April 02, 2021
  • Account Based Marketing

The Focused Marketing Techniques Your Business Needs

There is a new stir in the market and almost everyone is talking about it! Account-Based Marketing is a new marketing practice and more than 60% of companies are launching their ABM campaigns. But what’s exactly ABM is? and how does it work?

ABM or Account-based marketing is a very focused strategy in which each customer or potential gets treated as its market. Instead of chasing a large number of prospects or relying on blanket campaigns that are meant to suit the whole market, in ABM organizations communicates and closely work with a few prospects and tailor their campaigns to suit them in particular. In easy words, with ABM you start with identifying those companies and clients who are most likely to buy your products and then design your campaigns in a personalized way which can engage, convince and help you build relationships with them.

If you are still wondering if ABM will work for you then let’s talk about a few more things. While in inbound marketing, the focus is on the quality of leads, ABM is focused on target accounts which ultimately makes it aligned to its sales counterparts. Which in simple words mean Your Sales and Marketing department becomes one single unit. And according to very popular researchers show that Companies with more aligned sales and marketing teams observe a great hike in their annual revenue.

Following ABM, next up we have Data Segmentation, another focused strategy where you analyze your database and then divide and group the similar data to fit the section of potential buyers you are targeting. It is the personalization of data as per various parameters set.

Data segmentation helps in tailoring and molding the data in a way that suits your target market so that it can appeal their needs and attract them. By segmenting your data you’re communicating a more relevant and efficient message with the target identified. This practice will also help you in analyzing your data stored in the database. It’s very easy for the businesses to send messages and emails to the customers but to send the right message to the right person is the ultimate key. Not all information on your large database is relevant to everyone and they aren’t interested in receiving it either. Which can result in them blocking you and then you will not be able to send them the relevant information as well.

Both Account-Based Marketing or Data Segmentation needs expertise and efficiency. To implement them in the right manner you would need a perfect blend of technology and expertise in order to communicate high-quality personalized data. At, IBCConnect we help you achieve the same. Our Account-Based Marketing and Data Segmentation Services are the ultimate right solution to all your marketing needs.