Marketing Manager

The data contains a high number of contact mobile phone numbers, which is helpful during COVID.


IBCConnect has good conformity with the ABM architecture, which in B2B is the best sales strategy.

Sales and Marketing Manager

Because of the human verify aspect, the IBCConnect data is way more accurate than any other tools I’ve used.

Data Manager

IBCConnect has an incredible amount of highly detailed, accurate information about all sorts of professionals, spanning countless industries and levels of seniority.

Marketing Coordinator

The database is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. It’s easy to drill down and further segment lists based on a number of different factors.

Business Analyst

IBCConnect is so quick to fulfill my requests when trying to get a prospects email and phone number. Their data is consistently accurate and saves me time from endlessly searching for contacts and battling bounced email addresses.

VP Marketing

The accuracy of the human verified US Data. We’ve used ZoomInfo, Lusha, leadIQ, upLead, etc. In terms of accuracy IBCConnect is the best by far.


The tasks Team IBCConnect performs is beyond what a generic data provider can do.

CRM Marketing Lead

IBCConnect has turned out data to a gold mine after the enrichment and cleansing they recently performed on our data. Ultra-impressed!