How We Work?

Develop and implement a strategy

based on findings

Presentation explanation of the final report set;

  • Review of implications for marketing;
  • Discussion of how to best use the data, changes to make immediately and long-term changes to make


How We Work?

Data Hygiene

Number of customers in total, by region, industry and other firmogrphics;

  • Number of records with blank data in fields expected to be populated;
  • Verification of emails and contacts


How We Work?

Load data and Data sanity check

Comparing data documentation to data requested for proper cataloging;

  • Physically loading data;
  • Converting data as necessary to a standard, usable database format;
  • Comparing data received to data requested;
  • Checking for completeness of data provided by field and record;
  • Re-submitting requests to replace incomplete or unusable data.


How We Work?

Proposed data dictionary and data request

Which individuals/departments will provide data;

  • Which files, fields and records are to be collected;
  • Expected documentation to accompany each file provided;
  • Expected deadline


How We Work?

Situation analysis and business model review

Current business plan; Current marketing strategy and tactics (subset of business plan); Current data structures, formats, expected data quality and internal data