• April 02, 2021
  • B2B Lead Generation

How are ChatBots going to help us in B2B Marketing?

Technology is advancing, and so is the b2b world. With customer preference and experience as the primary motive, marketers are now more inclined towards leveraging technology to improve customer satisfaction. Chatbots are one of the emerging technologies that businesses are using today to boost their b2b lead generation.

Messenger apps are skyrocketing today. Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype had become popular shortly. These apps have paved the way for the success of chatbots. Chatbots are speaking bots that communicate with online shoppers and visitors on web pages, shopping apps, or social media apps. These conversations are text or audio-based and help people by answering their queries and finding relevant information about products and services. B2B marketing is now a streamlined activity to perform.

How can Chatbots help in b2b marketing?

You may be confused about how are chatbots THIS amazing. Well, don’t be anymore. Let’s dive into the world of chatbots to know precisely how talking bots trigger potential leads.

1. Facebook as the target

In its F8 conference, Facebook announced to launch chatbots on Messenger and gave the developers all over the world a chance to develop in-built chatbots in their apps. After 6 months, over 30,000 bots were created and are now leveraged by many b2b professionals. More and more b2b marketers are switching to Facebook for increased connections and referrals. Facebook isn’t just for B2C marketing. Facebook Messenger chatbots can help b2b businesses in the following ways:

● Sales team: book demos for leads.
● Support team: resolve customer issues.
● Marketing team: discover customers.

Facebook chatbots were an example to illustrate the use of chatbots in the b2b world. Let’s move to the other areas of chatbot applications.

2. Handling customer queries and increasing conversations per day

Chatbots are quite smarter than human resource. For primary or low-level customer queries, they do not disturb human assistants. They can handle questions based on products and services themselves. For more sophisticated information that online shoppers seek, they pass those queries to the appropriate department (just another task they do smartly). How does this help? While human agents can deal with merely 3-4 people at a time, chatbots are faster. It increases the number of conversations you have per day with your visitors. In turn, conversions also speedup.

3. Lead Generation to Lead Qualification

Streamlined conversations turn out to be the right trigger for customer satisfaction. You convert your visitors into potential leads. Chatbots perform this task more efficiently even without human intervention. When chatbots are done with b2b lead generation process by waking up interest in your clients to consider your service, they start qualifying them. People feel annoying to fill out forms, but they love to talk. This is what chatbots do for them. In the initial conversations itself, with chatbots, you can gain insights on customer preferences, business size, budget, needs, and much more. They use this information to qualify and nurture prospective customers.

4. Overtaking email automation

Email marketing automation had been the best marketing tool until chatbots arrived. This doesn’t mean email marketing has died or is going to end. It will never, especially in the b2b marketing world. However, the thing is that chatbots are offering the same services as email automation, but the converting rate is twice as faster than emails. Furthermore, chatbots avoid unnecessary navigation and click-throughs as in emails and allow clients to go through your sales funnel without leaving the chat window. It happens within seconds, and the client is ready to make a purchase, does the transaction, collect their receipt, gives feedback, and its leaves.

Chatbots enhances customer engagement. From demos to the meeting, product descriptions to order confirmation, payment to feedback; chatbots do everything for you. They offer a personalized experience to the users, which sometimes even humans fail to do. It all depends on how you train them. With IBCCONNECT b2b lead generation is now no more tedious task to do. Our customized solutions are there to help you anytime.