The Focused Marketing Techniques Your Business Needs


There is a new stir in the market and almost everyone is talking about it! Account-Based Marketing is a new marketing practice and more than 60% of companies are launching their ABM campaigns. But what’s exactly ABM is? and how does it work?

ABM or Account-based marketing is a very focused strategy in which each customer or potential gets treated as its market. Instead of chasing a large number of prospects or relying on blanket campaigns that are meant to suit the whole market, in ABM organizations communicates and closely work with a few prospects and tailor their campaigns to suit them in particular. In easy words, with ABM you start with identifying those companies and clients who are most likely to buy your products and then design your campaigns in a personalized way which can engage, convince and help you build relationships with them.

If you are still wondering if ABM will work for you then let’s talk about a few more things. While in inbound marketing, the focus is on the quality of leads, ABM is focused on target accounts which ultimately makes it aligned to its sales counterparts. Which in simple words mean Your Sales and Marketing department becomes one single unit. And according to very popular researchers show that Companies with more aligned sales and marketing teams observe a great hike in their annual revenue.

Following ABM, next up we have Data Segmentation, another focused strategy where you analyze your database and then divide and group the similar data to fit the section of potential buyers you are targeting. It is the personalization of data as per various parameters set.

Data segmentation helps in tailoring and molding the data in a way that suits your target market so that it can appeal their needs and attract them. By segmenting your data you’re communicating a more relevant and efficient message with the target identified. This practice will also help you in analyzing your data stored in the database. It’s very easy for the businesses to send messages and emails to the customers but to send the right message to the right person is the ultimate key. Not all information on your large database is relevant to everyone and they aren’t interested in receiving it either. Which can result in them blocking you and then you will not be able to send them the relevant information as well.

Both Account-Based Marketing or Data Segmentation needs expertise and efficiency. To implement them in the right manner you would need a perfect blend of technology and expertise in order to communicate high-quality personalized data. At, IBCConnect we help you achieve the same. Our Account-Based Marketing and Data Segmentation Services are the ultimate right solution to all your marketing needs.

How are ChatBots going to help us in B2B Marketing?


Technology is advancing, and so is the b2b world. With customer preference and experience as the primary motive, marketers are now more inclined towards leveraging technology to improve customer satisfaction. Chatbots are one of the emerging technologies that businesses are using today to boost their b2b lead generation.

Messenger apps are skyrocketing today. Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype had become popular shortly. These apps have paved the way for the success of chatbots. Chatbots are speaking bots that communicate with online shoppers and visitors on web pages, shopping apps, or social media apps. These conversations are text or audio-based and help people by answering their queries and finding relevant information about products and services. B2B marketing is now a streamlined activity to perform.

How can Chatbots help in b2b marketing?

You may be confused about how are chatbots THIS amazing. Well, don’t be anymore. Let’s dive into the world of chatbots to know precisely how talking bots trigger potential leads.

1. Facebook as the target

In its F8 conference, Facebook announced to launch chatbots on Messenger and gave the developers all over the world a chance to develop in-built chatbots in their apps. After 6 months, over 30,000 bots were created and are now leveraged by many b2b professionals. More and more b2b marketers are switching to Facebook for increased connections and referrals. Facebook isn’t just for B2C marketing. Facebook Messenger chatbots can help b2b businesses in the following ways:

● Sales team: book demos for leads.
● Support team: resolve customer issues.
● Marketing team: discover customers.

Facebook chatbots were an example to illustrate the use of chatbots in the b2b world. Let’s move to the other areas of chatbot applications.

2. Handling customer queries and increasing conversations per day

Chatbots are quite smarter than human resource. For primary or low-level customer queries, they do not disturb human assistants. They can handle questions based on products and services themselves. For more sophisticated information that online shoppers seek, they pass those queries to the appropriate department (just another task they do smartly). How does this help? While human agents can deal with merely 3-4 people at a time, chatbots are faster. It increases the number of conversations you have per day with your visitors. In turn, conversions also speedup.

3. Lead Generation to Lead Qualification

Streamlined conversations turn out to be the right trigger for customer satisfaction. You convert your visitors into potential leads. Chatbots perform this task more efficiently even without human intervention. When chatbots are done with b2b lead generation process by waking up interest in your clients to consider your service, they start qualifying them. People feel annoying to fill out forms, but they love to talk. This is what chatbots do for them. In the initial conversations itself, with chatbots, you can gain insights on customer preferences, business size, budget, needs, and much more. They use this information to qualify and nurture prospective customers.

4. Overtaking email automation

Email marketing automation had been the best marketing tool until chatbots arrived. This doesn’t mean email marketing has died or is going to end. It will never, especially in the b2b marketing world. However, the thing is that chatbots are offering the same services as email automation, but the converting rate is twice as faster than emails. Furthermore, chatbots avoid unnecessary navigation and click-throughs as in emails and allow clients to go through your sales funnel without leaving the chat window. It happens within seconds, and the client is ready to make a purchase, does the transaction, collect their receipt, gives feedback, and its leaves.

Chatbots enhances customer engagement. From demos to the meeting, product descriptions to order confirmation, payment to feedback; chatbots do everything for you. They offer a personalized experience to the users, which sometimes even humans fail to do. It all depends on how you train them. With IBCCONNECT b2b lead generation is now no more tedious task to do. Our customized solutions are there to help you anytime.

A Guide to Getting and Sorting the Customer Database Services


Email marketing has become an important aspect of marketing for all companies. But the challenge which the companies face is that how they can generate lists which are full of organic reach and can truly bring them, customers. Businesses need to employ a marketing mix of various digital strategies, through various platforms such as social media platforms or blogs with constant updates on blogs, websites, accounts, etc. Marketing professionals perform a key role in transforming potential customers into an actual business. These B2B executives invest a good part of their time in the activity of business conversion and further lead generation. An organic and eligible list of B2B executives who are actively involved in business expansions, contracts, and other professional pursuits would be very crucial for your own business.

Here are a few ways, you can find and collect authentic, eligible and organic B2B email address. 

Quora Answers: Most of the B2B marketers use Quora to propose the brand name and generate leads. Quora has unanswered questions which are related to the field, so companies find them out answer them professionally. Many viewers see the answers which eventually helps the business in generating potential leads.

Social media: – The groups of same interest and field in social media help in finding the potential leads.

Email databases marketing services: Various companies in the market have enormous databases of email addresses and B2B contact details such as IBCConnect, their database include vital information like :

  • Email Ids, fax details, and contact numbers
  • SIC codes
  • Zipcodes
  • Specialist roles and field of expertise
  • Job positions, roles, etc

and the required data by collecting the information through various sources

  • Seminars, Forums, and other meetings
  • Government databases
  • On-field research surveys
  • Email Campaigns
  • Analysis of various research, business, and corporate reports.

Further, they take utmost care activities like field surveys and email campaigns, so that complete and accurate information is collected from the respondents. So, you can rely on the B2B database that the company provides

While a large database is crucial for the sake of acquisition of new customers, it also comes with a lot of raw data which consists of irrelevant, ineffective and not-actionable. Hence, Data refinement is the transformation of raw; data; into relevant, effective and actionable information.

But, Reviewing information on the databases and developing relevant data lists is a tedious activity.

It is a tiresome task for any business to go through all the databases, understand the information, recognize the information that is required, and improve the database which is easier to follow to generate a powerful customer

At IBCConnect we provide you with these services too, Our data refinement services help to refine the databases so that relevant information is readily available. Our services help to preserve the time and work required in going through the database, hunting for the important information and picking up the needed data lists.

Healthcare data solutions to grow your business


Healthcare is revolutionalizing and developing at a highly expeditious pace. The whole healthcare industry is facing very advance changes which make it imperative to keep up with trends.

Today, with the inrush of large volumes of patient data, medical records, hospital information, pharmacies, physicians, nurses, etc it has become very important for the whole health care industry to digitalize and introduce proper technology. Digitalization and technological up-gradation of the health care industry will not only make it easy to handle the large volumes of data but will also open up new ways of innovation, growth, and enhancement.

Introduction of health care data solutions has the potential of taking the organization and business operations on a different level. Healthcare organizations need to design, build and deploy detailed database, data processing, physicians validation, web services, and data management.

But, on the contrary, these organizations are lacking far behind in adopting and implementing the change.

Not realizing that they are insensitively missing on some very prominent benefits health care data solutions has to offer which can increase their business to certain folds. For example: With properly maintained databases and contact discovery services,contacts with far located dispensaries, dealers and costumers can be established at a relatively lesser cost. It also helps in generating business leads which is an ultimate objective for any organization. Through health care solutions you can also have a deep analysis of your large databases and can tailor the personalized messages to suit different market targets. You can build an interactive landing page through which you can contact companies and generate more leads.

Talking of generating leads, there is another hot technique called contact discovery services which can tremendously aid your business in the same. Identifying the right contacts from a whole diverse market is a task in its own and comes at a very high cost. You would need to put in a lot of efforts, time and financial resources. At the same time, there is a high risk that instead of all your efforts, you may end up with little to no results and waste of both time and money as the contacts you procure may be illegal, irrelevant and inactive. That’s why you may need to avail the services of highly expertise professional and at IBCConnect we provide you with the same and more. We specialize in Contact discovery services. We are backed by an expert research team which through its innovation founds the most correct, up to date and valid contacts for your business. You would not have to rely on any other service for contact supply.

Being it introducing HealthCare Data Solutions or Contact discovery services, it is really important for industries and organization to keep their database up to date and reap the benefits from modern-day solutions and at IBCConnect we help you achieve the same.