Data overload is one of the biggest hurdles coming in the way of the marketers. Companies these days are equipped with a bulk of data that it becomes a complex job to distinguish which are the actually useful leads and which are the junk ones. Doesn’t the question strikes your head how can you manage the difficult task when you are not even able to manage your own data? You can consider this challenge to be a technical one, but every problem has a solution and so this one. It has been very correctly said that for finding a solution, you need to understand and analyze the problem at first. Let’s jump on to some numbers to get some better idea about the issues involved with contact data and troubles faced by the marketers due to it.

The marketers have to spend 60% of their total time in cleaning and organizing the contact data. The second highest time is consumed for accumulating data sets which amount to almost 90%. The third highest time is consumed in mining the data patterns which is almost 9%. Well, the actual job of the marketers is to generate leads and convert those leads into potential clients. How will be this actually possible when most of their time is consumed by the data accumulation and data enrichment? The answer is really simple: outsource the work to data enrichment company like IBCConnect and get the work done.

Prevention is always better than cure. We have been hearing this phrase since we were five. Well, when coming to the implementation stage, we always forget this one. You will never be left with the junk of data if you would have kept a track of the incoming data and refined at regular intervals which one is potential and which one is trash. Here are some of the other potential reasons that led to data junk situation.

1) Failing to Enrich Your Data in a Timely Manner

You are fairly aware of the fact that the data you are working with are the real people just like you and me, they are not the features of some technological device. What I am trying to convey is that just like our likes, dislikes, habits, nature change, the contact data of those people also change. There should be a regular check on the data and it should be filtered at regular intervals.

2) Using Multiple Data Sources

When you have a plethora of sources to house the contact data, chances of mixing them up are extremely high. It might be possible multiple data have several things in common and it might end up result in contacting the same client more than once. Not impressive, right? This might create a negative impression on your potential client. You need to hire a single channel for data gathering and if you can’t do that hiring a data enrichment service would be the preferable choice for you.

3) Mere Data, No Intelligence

To clear out the fog of data, manual management is not the only source to rely on. Shaking hands with the right technologies can be a great aid to sort through the heaps of data. CRM or marketing automation platform is the some of the effective and efficient ways for data management. Another hope to get out of this data cluttered scenario is through artificial intelligence and machine learning. These tactics are adopted by every smart organization for data accumulation, enrichment and also cleaning.