Over past few years, there is great increase in the number of people using social media on a regular basis. Different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are facilitating people to reach out and communicate with each other on different aspects. There are many conversations and activities that happen on the social media which cater to the carried interest of people.

Businesses are looking at analyzing this information that is available on social media platforms to develop an understanding of the customers, their preferences, trends etc. Identifying customers who are more likely to subscribe to the products and services and targeting them for promotion has proven to offer more positive returns.

Even B2B marketeers find the information on social media useful. They can now look for specific social media profiles who have an inclination towards their products and develop an interaction with them.

Through social media validation, we help you to verify the profiles on social media to ensure that that profiles are authentic, and the communication is reaching to the intended contacts. There could be instances of fake profiles or incomplete profiles. By cross verifying the profiles across various platforms, we would be able to ascertain the authenticity of the profiles.

The whole activity of reviewing the profiles available online and identifying the profiles that would suit the business would be a tiresome activity. Our Social media validation services would help to identify these profiles, verify them and provide you information. This information can be used to reach out to them and communicate directly.

Especially in the case of B2B marketing, profiling the potential customers and verifying their activity online will provide a remise to send across messages to them and communicate with them.

Reach out to our experts who can help you in contacting verified social media profiles.