Are you planning to set up email campaigns in Michigan? You need to design your marketing plan based on a thorough analysis of the customers’ insights. Marketing should be customer-centric and based on a segmented list of customers. Segmentation categorizes the customer database into different groups which helps to design personalized marketing campaigns. But what is the need for such kind of segmentation?

Firstly, segmentation provides a detailed study of customers demands or rather the difference in their needs. It divides customers on the basis of their level of satisfaction in purchasing services. In this way, marketing campaigns can be designed using customer profiles of different segmented groups. Secondly, with segmentation, you can design customized strategies. This is because every segment needs a different approach. A single marketing plan cannot suit all the groups, hence the idea behind segmentation. It leads to prioritizing the really interested customers over the inactive ones for your business. Overall finance is also controlled. For that, you need technology to install base data of your customers and competitors. Let us see why.

Install base marketing proves to be very fruitful for your business. You get complete insights about your customers’ product usage and installation information. It also provides the install base information of the competitors that helps to analyze the competition in the market. Install base refers to those customers who are currently using your services. Customers after purchasing your services demand personalized communications for future assistance or issues. If you maintain their information properly, it will serve them the best. Moreover, they will be helpful in generating new customers for your business. They can refer your services to other people like their relatives, partners etc. In this way, while managing the install base data of your customers you can add new customers to your list. As far as competitors’ technology install base data is concerned, it provides you with the details of installed tech products of their customers. This creates an overview of your competitors’ customers, what kind of services they prefer? What are their tastes? Hence, it would be easier for you to market your services to them knowing all their insights.

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