Nowadays educational institutes like universities, colleges, and public schools are dealing with enormous data growth. They are forced to pay huge rates for data management as they are left with no other option.

This explosion of data is the resultant of educational portals, online learning and testing applications, BYOD initiatives, video based content and other grossing trends that are followed by the education industry.

Sharing of data has become unavoidable as faculties, students, alumni; parents are totally dependent on this data.

That’s the major reason why we stepped into the Education Industry with a fleet of our qualitative services.


Data is growing on a rapid pace, but unfortunately the budgets for storage are not. We have made sure that the services we deliver are affordable and accessible for any shape and size of educational institute.

Our teams manage your data effectively, while providing your staff with all the necessary resources to access data in uninterrupted ways.

We also make sure to expand your reach to huge audience, so that you can take out the best from your marketing campaigns. Along with this, “IBCConnect” keeps a complete track record of data that is already processed and is about to process.


Education Industry


Eliminated Downtime:

Data needs to be accessible and available all the time. If you serve in distance education, then it’s important for your organization to make data available without hassles. And that’s what we take care of, we make the data available to students and faculty day and night.

Reduced Costs:

We can adapt our services according to the tight budgets. So you get full-fledged services in an economical price range.

Get updates about latest trends:

Education industry is all about following new trends and implementing them. If you take our services you’ll enjoy the knowledge and implementation of grossing trends.