Evaluating Validity of Your In-House Customer Records

To run a business organization smoothly, it becomes essential for an entrepreneur to stay aware about the authenticity of his clientele database. Data Verification services prove to be a comprehensive solution for confirming the validity of your clients. By employing this verification procedure on the factors like addresses, email addresses, postal codes, phone numbers, etc., a market campaigning turns out to be successful. Pacing up with the modern world that demands quicker and hassle-free results, this program is conducted via state-of-the-art technology and software.

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With modernized tools and a team of promising employees, IBCConnect caters its clients with Data Verification services in the form of Tele Validation.

Data Verification Services

Defining Telephone Verification Solution at IBCConnect.

Telephone Verification services are online-based and are employed for the purpose of finding whether the given contact details are valid or not. At IBCConnect we also consider verifying if the number is under service or not. The service brings more convenience by checking the availability of telephone user mentioned against a particular contact number.

Our professionals seek to extract accurate data during the verification procedure so that you reach your target audience appropriately.

We are here to cater those business owners, who are in search for convenient marketing solutions by helping them reach the right audience in one go. With this service, our professionals aim towards saving your precious time as you approach your prospective customers via SMS or calls. We are dedicated towards offering you with quality validation service with the purpose of keeping your business ahead in the competition and bringing down the spam reports.


Through Phone Verification solution, our experts operate efficiently in obtaining umpteen data from various telecommunications providers so as to bring maximum results accurately and promptly. Our team of technicians functions rigorously towards eliminating those entries that are not valid and/or those customers that are not available through the given contact number.

This verification procedure is conducted in real time and helps you validate 10-digit contact numbers, ensuring you receive a totally authentic data.

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Comprehending Customer Behavior

With the help of this validation service, a businessman can make himself aware about the variations that occur in customer’s behavior. This keeps you updated with the market trends and helps you evolve your business accordingly. You also get the benefit of receiving an honest and direct feedback of your client.

Increasing Profitability

Since every business organization manages to communicate with its clients through multiple platforms these days, it becomes possible for the entrepreneurs to find innovative ways that can maximize their profitability. As the customer’s telephonic database is verified and accordingly cleansed, the communication for a businessman becomes convenient. This leads to the preparation of new strategies and offers.

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Enhancing Business Operations

As an entrepreneur becomes aware about the views and experiences of the customers, it becomes easier for him to maintain quality standards. This leads to an improvisation in business performance and enhances the efficiency to bring about long term profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is data verification in research?

    When we get your customer database with incorrect or inaccurate information, we conduct thorough research to append the database with the correct details. For verification of the data we add after our research, we either email or contact each customer in the database. This makes sure that the information we derived is correct in every aspect.

  • What is data validation?

    Data validation involves scrutinizing the accuracy and quality of data before you import and process it. The technique removes duplicate records and updates them with accurate and valid details. Data validation ensures that the input data is correct, the provided information is meaningful, and your database is secure. We check if the data is accurate and unique and complies with the data policies. Our services also ensure the responsiveness of data to make sure it enriches your overall marketing campaigns.

  • How do you verify data?

    We inspect the size of your database and then determine the appropriate method of verification. Then we segment the data into their respective fields. Next, we analyze the database for inaccurate and duplicate areas and update them with relevant contact information. The data goes under strict verification tests to remove spam, junk, opt-outs, and blacklist and ensure authenticity and credibility. It is then converted to downloadable formats and sent to your email.

  • How do you validate data?

    We input the data and select the right validation tool. We then check for errors and determine the timeline of the process. The database fields are formatted, compared, and reviewed to detect and update incorrect, inaccurate, and duplicate data with relevant details. Our team then employs tele-validation to ensure the authenticity of the data.

  • What is the difference between data validation and data verification?

    Data verification aims at maintaining the accuracy of your database through proofreading, double-entry checks, and phone as well as email verification. On the other hand, data validation makes sure that the data is logical and reasonable with a computer-generated process. It uses codes to validate every data field.