Delivering a validated, integrated and an enriched business insight and views needed to administer frequently complex, data-driven marketing landscape, Data Enrichment adds value to your data quality and accuracy. The enriched and verified data results in promoted customer engagement and lasting fruitful relationships with potential clients. Data Enrichment is a process used to enhance, refine or else improve the raw data. At IBC Connect, we ensure reliable and real-time data search with the state-of-the-art information.

How Data Enrichment at IBC Connect Works

Data Enhancement allows you to customize messages, prioritize your leads, personalize offers and boost up engagement online, over-the-phone and all through marketing communications. IBC Connect’s Data Enrichment uses a syndicate of data partners in enhancing your customer information in socio-demographic, psychographic and geo-spatial aspects. Each organization’s own goals are unique to add value to their data, but then many data enriching tools are universal in content and document refining to eradicate errors and contradictions that are appreciable. To ensure meticulous algorithm, while adding new data to tables to rectify typographic or spelling errors, our tools are specifically designed to improve all the data fonts’ quality. Nevertheless, some complex processes need additional complicated tools.

For an example, your organization is perhaps interested in the refinement and simplification of your data, or you can contemplate migration of all your data to the new content management system after the errors and contradictions removal to augment and matching the quality and simplifying access of all your raw data. Whatsoever goals you have, developing a right strategic plan and executing right tools is a firm step in your goal achievement.

Crucial steps to Data Enrichment

Some crucial steps that can assist in prospering data enrichment execution in your organization are:

1. Quality assessment of all the data in your content management system where a team of highly skilled experts are in command of the assessment process. Your assessment methodologies will envelop the important areas of integration, accuracy, uniformity and entirety. Any data not being able to pass this four parts test have got to be fixed or eradicated totally. The right strategies required in detecting and figuring out problems in your data structure will bring variance in this primary assessment process.

2. On completing the essential step 1, it is important to determine the finest process to enrich the unique data in your organization. The process for each organization will be different, our experts suggest bringing in new data and developing a distinct outline for your organization’s data requirements, performing essential research in ensuring an effectual strategy, discovering the important data from the outer resources, extracting data and inspecting it for better quality prior to execution.

Staying a step ahead, plan well in advance

What goes in the important Data Enrichment process is the meticulous planning!

  • Precise and high-leveled planning and considering the potential results are important to achieve the successful Data Enrichment. There are many potential benefits in your data enriching and migrating to a new, much better and more operative system, but failing in this final step, you may be trapped in unexpected consequences.
  • Make sure you review the whole process and determine what data is moved? In which order and who would be involved?
  • Think over the unexpected consequences of each and every planned action you take.
  • Determine what will be the perfect solution if incase these consequences occur and who would be responsible for executing these solutions.
  • In order to maintain your data quality, permanent testing and monitoring will be needed. Allow your team members to resume adding value to your data.

How IBC Connect can assist you

  • Secured data transfer and data processing
  • CRM data enrichment
  • Broad coverage of consumer aspects
  • Real-time buying signals
  • Cost- effective pricing
  • IBC Connect’s secure data and the privacy standards
  • Reliable support from an experienced and highly skilled expert consultant to explicate the outcomes and their importance for your organization.