Top-notch Data Appending Services

Accurate customer data is the linchpin that aids your business to carry out prospecting, sales and marketing. Yet, insufficient data and inaccurate data make prospecting a tough task.
Data Appending is the most credible process to fill the missing gaps in your database. With appending process, new data will positively impact all data dependent process in your organization. Moreover, you’ll save time, investment cost and resources for managing data.
B2Bdatapartners, provides top-notch data appending services to business-to-business organizations. We have the expertise and experience to perform data appending on specific segments (demographic and firmographic information). Our proven append services enhances the value of your database and fixes the missing fields with accurate information.

How data appending work?

We match your customer data with our large master database. During this automatic data matching process, similar records are flagged and appended with fresh information. The remaining unmatched records are manually verified by experts and relevant information is appended to these records. Finally, we send out opt-in email to all contacts to authenticate the accuracy of each contact.

Typical contacts information appended:

  • Business Title
  • Contact name
  • Email address
  • Industry
  • SIC Code
  • Contact information ( offline, online and social)
  • Zip Code, etc

Benefits of data append

1.    Establish online and offline connection with customers
2.    Reduce cost of managing your data ( fast turnaround time)
3.    Increase the size of contact base ( Acquire valid data)
4.    High match rates and guaranteed email address

Build Better Customer Connection with Accurate Data

IBCConnect data appending service in new mexico help you to expand your marketing footprint and increase marketing communication. We invite you to take a test drive of our proven data appending service and get added insight from your data.

Appending information to bad data doesn’t make sense. That’s why IBCConnect data enrichment solution starts by validating the contact data you already have, such as names, phone numbers, addresses, and emails. Once your records are cleaned, we can append missing or incomplete information and enhance your records with more than 900 available data attributes, including financial data, buyer propensity, automotive data, and much more. With accurate and personalized analysis, you can create customized messaging that helps your business to connect and engage with customers.

Data enrichment is a value adding process, where external data from multiple sources is added to the existing data set to enhance the quality and richness of the data. This process provides more information of the product to the customer.

Data enrichment services in new mexico helps you in :-

  • Understand who is in your database and how to connect with them
  • Get a holistic view of data
  • Ensure you’re not leaving donations on the table
  • Stop wasting time and energy with bad data.

So hope this is very much clear now that how data enrichment service is important for your business to maintain customer database in proper and appropriate manner.