An overview of GDPR compliance in data-driven world

GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) is a data protection law which aims at maintaining the privacy of EU citizens and the transactions occurring within EU states. Export of their personal data outside also comes under consideration. The law replaces the old data protection directive (since 1995) setting new standards for the processing of data in the EU.

GDPR compliance seeks businesses all over the world to be in accordance with its rules. This proves to be beneficial for both businesses and EU citizens in terms of data privacy and protection.

Ensuring the quality of customer data

When the database is cleaned on a regular basis to the legacy of customer’s personal data is ensured and processed responsibly. This leads to increased loyalty towards customers.

Increase in communication with existing customers

While requesting the customer for consent towards GDPR compliance, a reconnection is established with them leading to improved communication. The activity of potential customers for the organization’s services also increase.

Cost-effective maintenance of data

GDPR compliance helps to retire irrelevant legacy applications from the business thereby reducing the overall cost. Personalized communication filters out the interested customers and hence the pursuing cost.

Make the best out of technology

For improvement in network and security systems, the organization would be able to deal with emergent technologies like cloud computing and the Internet of Things. This privileges the user with more valued products and services.

Increased customer trust

GDPR compliance enhances online business by developing customer trust on security niches of the organization. This is achieved by GDPR that articulates the issues of data breaches and measures for addressing the same.

IBCCONNECT adopts a comprehensive approach towards GDPR compliance while aligning its information to the GDPR framework. It ensures that the personal data it shares with the businesses are in the right hands. As far as customers are concerned, IBCCONNECT clearly explains them the need for their data in a concise language and allow them the required control over their personal data. It permits the customers to demand a check on the same free of cost.